The Supernals' Story: The Two Flurries

Chapter One


Dear Torshael,

Don't bother arguing. I'm coming. And I'm going to be taking one of the little brats (or angels, but coming from you I'm sure they're brats) home with me. And don't bother arguing that, either. Tayne's already told me the nature of the thing, it's who the kidlets pick not who wants to take home whom, but I can certainly hope.

I even have the High One's blessing. So there.

And no, I didn't tell Mother, so don't worry about her freaking out on you for infidelity or anything. And don't you start freaking out about it, either. I don't see anything wrong with what you did, and since the High One's saying I can go and giving me time off of work and everything, I'm guessing he's not too pissed at you, either.

So tell me what to expect. Tayne tells me there's some weirdness happening with the two Flurries happening at once, and that castle in the sky, and all that. So fill me in so I know whether to bring, like, a battalion of librarians to combat it all or write it all down, whichever works best at the time.

And snow. I don't think I've seen snow since my internship, so I'm really looking forward to that. Is there a lot? Should I bring warm clothes, or is it warm enough? I suppose I could just walk around all furry, but that's boring. Or would a lion in the halls scare the pants off people? That could be okay, if I went lion. Tayne would have someone to keep him company, heh, since he's all separated from his boy-toy.

You're missed at home. You and Haiiro both. Give him my love, and don't forget to keep some for yourself.

The High One's courier will get this to you shortly, I'm sure.

Love, and I'll see you soon,



Dear Tayne,

Tell our brother not to bother arguing, because I'm coming and that's that. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of kids he produces, and what kind of mate could possibly snare him and get him interested enough to produce kids, gun-shy and uninterested as he is. I feel bad for her, kind of, whoever she is. Must've been tough.

Is there anything I need to know about for the hatching... thing? Anything in particular to do or not do, say or not say? Wear or not wear? That last one was a joke, by the way.

Do you think I might actually bond? I'm not sure whether I'd like that or not. I know everyone usually bonds, but I might like having a choice in the matter rather than having someone choose me. But if someone does choose me and it works out, that could be good, too. I don't know. I'll admit to being a little nervous.

How are you doing? Your little girl doing okay, what with kidlets and all to deal with? Are you missing your boy-toy? I bet you are, you sex-fiend. Your little girl got to get it on, and you had to be all alone. I bet that was uncomfortable. Unless Tekasynos came with you at least for that long.

Let me know when you're coming to get me. I'll be ready. I'll probably follow you around the Nidus or whatever it is in lion form, so be prepared for funny looks. It'll be fun and different!

Mother sends her love. I send a swat and a tickle for Fluniarlii.




Chapter Two

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