Vienel Peregrin



Name: Vienel Peregrin
Bond: ?
Candidate At: Nidus Ryslen's Flurry 2006 and Flurry 2007
Homeworld: Supernal realm, related to the Everrealms
Species: Supernal
Age: Young adult
Sex: Female
Supernal Size: 16'9" at the shoulder, 49'3" long
Lion Size: 3'3" at the shoulder, 10'1" long
Human Height: 5'4"
Element: Air and Dark
Color: Grayed white
Mane:  Black
Eyes: Deep blue
Family: Vaillal, mother; Tashel, father (deceased); Valariel and Toalte, sisters; Tayne and Torshael, brothers
Residence: The High One's City
Position: First Assistant Librarian
Description: Though she only wears it when she has to, Vienel's birth form is slender, stately, and unusually sleek for a supernal, without quite as much fluff as is normal and what she has kept firmly groomed flat. She is leggy, but not big, and has a lean look to her. Her fur is an off-white shade, faintly grayed out, not the true white of a Favored supernal, and her mane a deep black, fringed with white at the tips. Her claws, the slim ram's-horns curled down below her ears, and the arm of her wings are dark, antique gold in color, lacking a bright shine but possessing a warm burnish, and the feathers on her wings are a purer white than her fur. Her eyes are deep blue and sharp, taking in as much as possible and filing it away for contemplation later.

More commonly, Vienel is found in one of her other two other forms, either a female human, looking like a mortal woman in nearly every way, or a lion, with the same striking coloring she was born with. The former is her favorite form, enjoying its dexterity and somewhat severe appearance. Her skin is pale, but not unhealthily so, and her hair straight, smooth, and incredibly black, reaching nearly down to her knees. She usually wears it in complex styles, allowing it to be her one vanity, for though, as a supernal, her human form is attractive, it is no match for many others of her kind, her long face having a somewhat masculine cast and her body too reedy and long-legged to really be beautiful, and she is often overlooked. Still, she doesn't mind being overlooked, and dresses in such a way that she doesn't call attention to herself. 

As a lion, Vienel is still slender, but also more powerful: her long legs translates into speed and strength, here, and her sleek black mane stands out attractively against her creamy fur. She tends to wear this form more to be different than out of any particular love for it, and because her brother Tayne loves it and when in his company tends to wear it more. 

Personality: Coming soon.... 
History: Vienel was hatched from a clutch of three, inside the City where the High One, creator, protector, and guide for supernals everywhere, and deity to those outside the supernals' realm. Her parents were both Pures, Favored of the High One and pure white in coloration. Vienel and her brother Tayne did not carry the coloration: being pure white is extremely rare, even from Favored couples. Their brother, Torshael, however, was born with the rare coloration and title of Pure. Though their parents did not love their other two children any less, Torshael was raised knowing he was destined for great things and given special training in defeating evil. Vienel, more of a scholar and a healer than a fighter, found a place in the City to practice what she loved. Tayne, with a warrior's nature, was raised to be a protector and aide to his brother.

All three entered official training at court at age three, and left it two years later to do the High One's bidding in the world. Tayne and Torshael made a pair and fit well into the work, but Vienel spent the required one year out fighting infernals before her mentor agreed that it was time to look into something more suited to her. Now, she is quite happy working in the great library of the City, archiving, researching, and adding to the collection tales of supernals who come to her with their experiences. She rarely uses her magical abilities, but she doesn't feel the need to, and anyone who says she doesn't do enough to protect the innocent from infernals will certainly be getting a lecture on the importance of background research and information as a support for those who do battle against the creatures directly. 

There is a small part of Vienel who wouldn't mind seeing more of the world than just the City, especially as part of her job included collecting the stories of other supernals to write down. The research she's done to help her brothers in their quest through different worlds feeds that small fire, and it is likely that, if she can convince her superiors and her god to let her go, she will start looking for ways to see these other worlds, herself. 

Abilities: All supernals have particular abilities. Like most dragons, they speak telepathically and verbally, and fly and move between planes to teleport. Specific to their species, they have an electrical breath weapon, an immunity to fire, and the ability to heal others. Vienel's healing ability is particularly strong, but focused more on fighting infections and illnesses than closing wounds. Supernals can size-shift, shrinking down to be about the size of a housecat or growing to nearly two hundred feet in length, and Vienel makes good use of this ability to get at books on high, low, or difficult to get to shelves. Supernals can shape-shift into a human form or a lion form, the former looking indistinguishable from a real human and the latter colored like her true form.

Because of her coloration, white with black, Vienel has an ability tied to the elements Air and Darkness: Eclipse. She has the ability to submerge an entire room-- or a large outdoors area-- in pitch blackness, extinguishing all light within her sphere of influence. Though its main benefit is in battle, she has found other, more creative uses of it, as well, in her own work. 

Theme: ?


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