Tayne Peregrin



Name: Tayne Peregrin
Bond: Fluniarlii
Bonded At: Abstract Destiny, Biosynth 13
Standing At: Nidus Ryslen's Flurry 2006 and Flurry 2007
Homeworld: Supernal realm, near to the Everrealms
Species: Supernal
Age: Young adult
Sex: Male
Supernal Size: 15'8" at the shoulder, 47'9" long
Lion Size: 3'1" at the shoulder, 9'7" long
Human Height: 5'7"
Element: Heat
Color: Cream-brown
Mane:  Dark brown
Eyes: Deep blue
Family: Vaillal, mother; Tashel, father (deceased); Valariel, Toalte, and Vienel, sisters and Torshael, brother
Residence: The High One's City, stationed to the Nexus; currently Shu'Riin, on Kynn
Position: Guard to the Favored, Nexiian Infernal Investigator; also currently a mid-ranked Dragon Knight in Kynn's Order of the Dragon
Housemates: Tekasynos Valar, Viseomok Keptvag, Aituli, Irithin
Description: In his true form, four-footed and furred, Tayne is on the small side for his kind, but compact and muscular nonetheless. He is thickly furred in a creamy light brown, with an even thicker and incredibly fluffy mane in a much darker brown. The mane frames his face, covers his neck, and extends partway down his tail. Matching the warm colors, his claws, the strong ram's-horns curled down below his ears, and armoring on the edge of his wing-arm are all a polished, metallic gold, while his feathered wings are pristinely white. His eyes, set into a wide face with a particularly rounded muzzle, are deep blue and seem calm, no matter what he is feeling.

Tayne has two other forms: he can shape-shift into a human, looking like a mortal man in nearly every way, or a lion, with the same nearly natural coloring as his supernal form. This latter is his favorite form, as he enjoys the strength and speed of the lion's body, as well as his powerful gripping jaw and strong claws-- and, of course, that it's different from what most supernals prefer to be seen as. He uses it whenever he thinks he can get away with it, which usually means when he is alone or just with his brother, as most people find the lion-form the most threatening, and he would hate to frighten innocents. As he uses this form the most, he is also the most skilled with it, and can modify it just enough to retain his wings, if he feels the need or just the desire to.

As a human, Tayne has a rugged sort of look to him, somewhere between a rough but friendly knight and a dusty but handsome cowboy. He has a compact, well-muscled frame here, as well, with blunt but honest face, a perpetual five'o'clock shadow, a curly mane of dark brown hair, and his same calm, blue eyes. Though he usually appears well-dressed and in civilian-style clothes, he tends to look out of place in anything but armor or, possibly, a cowboy hat and jeans-- not that he's ever tried the latter. There is often a smile hovering about his mouth, and he looks more friendly than imposing.

Personality: Though definitely possessed of a warrior's spirit, Tayne is nevertheless a good-natured creature anywhere else. Really, he prefers play to battle and healing to harming, though he knows when harming is necessary and is quite willing and able to do it in those cases. He is protective and kind towards those without protection or kindness, but years of living in his brother Torshael's shadow has taught him when to back off from those who do not need protection, and not to smother those who do not want kindness. There is more than a bit of mischief in him, and definite passion-- whether in friendship, temper, ideals, or battle; after all, his element is heat. He much prefers the simple to the fancy, whether in goals, missions, or pleasures, as "fancy" tends to turn into "complicated". Though he isn't unusually sociable, neither is he completely asocial, and he likes having friends-- he just hasn't often had much time to devote to them, given how busy following his brother around has kept him. Still, his strength of character and personality is obvious, even when overshadowed by Torshael, as is his warm heart and helpful nature.

Not as determined to make a legend of himself as his brother, but with the same fervor for doing good and doing away with evil, Tayne has always tried to live up to the reputation of his parents and his brother. Being the middle son of two very highly ranked Favored Supernals, and with a rare Pure white as his brother, he's always been a little left behind by his parents. He doesn't resent this, of course, being extremely proud to be both brother and best friend to a new Favored, but he does have a desire to be worth something for himself, rather than for his relatives. He has a thirst to prove himself, for himself, not for anyone else. For the most part, he keeps this desire, though powerful, to himself: he knows his brother Torshael is the important one, and he doesn't really mind. Not really. He loves his brother, and respects his power and status. Just, every now and then, in the privacy of daydreams, he wishes for a little more.

Out of the familiarity of the High One's realm, dealing with more than just supernals, infernals, and the humanity between them, Tayne has actually opened up a bit. He deals well with other authorities, taking the practical leadership while Torshael handles things that require a subtler hand. His sense of humor has grown more open and loose, and he is quick to tease, though rarely in a malicious fashion. Somewhat to his own surprise, he makes friends easily and enjoys working with others. 

History: Tayne was hatched from a clutch of three, inside the City where the High One: creator, protector, and guide for supernals everywhere, and deity to those in the realm. His parents were both Pures, Favored of the High One and pure white in coloration. Tayne and his sister Vienel did not carry the coloration: being pure white is extremely rare, even from Favored couples. Their brother, Torshael, however, was born with the rare coloration and title of Pure. Though their parents did not love their other two children any less, Torshael was raised knowing he was destined for great things and given special training in defeating evil. Vienel, more of a scholar and a healer than a fighter, found a place in the City to practice what she loved. Tayne, with a warrior's nature, was raised to be a protector and aide to his brother.

The two entered official training at court at age three, and left it two years later to do the High One's bidding in the world, as a pair. Now, two years of fighting infernals, rescuing the innocent, and making small parts of the world temporarily safe again later, Torshael has been deemed experienced enough, adventurous enough, and decorated enough to be given a new position-- an entirely new position, one no Favored has ever been given before. He has been given new orders, directly from the High One, to investigate infernals spreading from the supernals' realm into the Nexus. He is the first Favored to be sent out of the supernals' realm, and Tayne, of course, is going with him.

Now, at just over ten years old, Tayne has seen more worlds than any other single supernal in or out of the realm, and probably more than a large number of them combined. After his brother bonded at the Abstract Destiny, he has come to see his brother's bond Haiiro as a member of the family as much as Torshael himself. His own bond, Fluniarlii, both amuses and bemuses him by turns, though they get along famously, and he expects she'll have a little more trouble fitting into the family....

Abilities: All supernals have particular abilities. Like most dragons, they speak telepathically and verbally, fly, and move between planes to teleport. Specific to their species, they have an electrical breath weapon, an immunity to fire, and the ability to heal others. Tayne's healing ability is particularly strong. Supernals can size-shift, shrinking down to be about the size of a housecat or growing to nearly two hundred feet in length, and though Tayne uses this ability often in battle, he doesn't count it as among those he's best at. Supernals can shape-shift into a human form or a lion form, the former looking indistinguishable from a real human and the latter colored like his true form.

Because of his coloration, brown being considered a variant of orange, Tayne is of the true element Heat, and so has the pure Heat ability. He can control temperature in an area, making it hot, cold, or somewhere in-between. As he is proud of this ability, he practices often, and is a high degree of control and range with it. 

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Tayne's Story

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