Name: Fluniarlii ("white")
Bond: Tayne Peregrin
Bonded At: Abstract Destiny, Biosynth 13
Species: Half phoenix, half sira
Age: Hatchling
Sex: Female
Size: 11" at the shoulder at hatching (3'2" full grown)
Human Height: 5'2" full grown
Color: White
Eyes: Light blue
Family: Chiami, mother, phoenix; Haaji'hashmel, father, sira shifter
Residence: Kynn, the city of Shuu'Riin; sometimes the High One's City
Position: Bond. That's about it so far : )
Description: Graceful, slender, pristine, beautiful... all apply to little Fluniarlii-- at least until she opens her mouth. Her glistening white fur is usually clean and immaculately groomed the first time she meets you, as first impressions are very important to her, but it won't stay that way if you get to know her. Her eyes are pale, beautiful blue, and have an unearthly quality to them, until they crinkle with mirth or squint in a funny face. She has a small, silky, birdlike grace to her body, even as a child, and can walk with a stately, regal air when she wants to... however, she only rarely wants to, much preferring a strut or a swagger! Really, being beautiful and graceful matters to Fluniarlii only as much as she can fool someone into thinking she's classy, only to turn around and shatter their preconceptions. 
Personality: Rough, rowdy, and almost entirely without class, Fluniarlii-- Lii for short-- delights in turning the tables upon supernal perceptions of what a white is "supposed" to be. She refuses to tone herself down unless it's absolutely necessary, like with the very shy and the very young, and she loves the shocked looks on people's faces when she first meets them and can prove to them that appearance means nothing at all. Despite her small size and slender build, she has the boisterous mannerisms of a big, burly woman who might make her living smithing iron or bashing heads together in the local bar. In fact, she'd probably love doing either one, if she can manage to train herself up a bit as she gets older, but even if she can't, she'll settle for drinking, laughing, and swearing right along with the ones who do.  

Even so, while Lii laughs at dirty jokes and can leer with the best of them, and makes a big show of being tough and rowdy, one should never doubt that her heart is anything but as pure as her coloration. She has a lot of love, which she enjoys showing in as loud and counter-intuitive a way as possible-- she'll very quickly pick up Tayne's tendency to tease, only with more of an edge to her wit-- but while offending and picking at delicate sensibilities amuses her to no end, if there are ever really any hurt feelings, she'll be quick to find a way to make it up to whoever she hurt. Not by apologizing, no, not unless it's something really bad-- or unless her bond makes her-- but more likely by getting them a gift, making them dinner, helping them out somehow, or just being particularly chummy with a wordlessly apologetic air. No matter how crude she gets, she's still a good person, honorable, and helpful when she can be, and she can be quite affectionate, in a rough sort of way, particularly with her bond and close friends. 

That's not to say she is an all-around great person, much less perfect. Lii would hate for the word "perfect" to ever be applied to her, and might well immediately go out of her way to prove the speaker wrong if it ever is. She can be quite rude and spiteful when she's angry, in an irritable mood, or really doesn't like someone, which does happen on a regular enough basis that friendships with certain people can be tumultuous, and she holds a grudge like there's no tomorrow. Her wit can get caustic without her realizing it or intending it, and she has no patience at all with people who can't see past their own preconceptions. But even then, most of the time she's rather likable, provided you enjoy the company of the raucous sort, and makes friends readily among those not easily offended.

Abilities: Fire Immunity. Shapeshifting (human). Telepathy. Verbal Speech.
Cyborware: 1 Moderate (hatchling token, unused), 1 Major (adult token, unused)
Theme: My Chemical Romance, The Sharpest Lives


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Adult Image Human form, about one year of age


Tayne's Story

The First Hatching

The Second Hatching