Vaillal Peregrin


Name: Vaillal Peregrin
Bond: Analil Eyofris
Homeworld: Supernal realm, part of the Everrealms
Species: Supernal
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Supernal Size: 15'2" at the shoulder, 46'4" long
Lion Size: 3'10" at the shoulder, 11'3" long
Human Height: 5'3"
Element: Pure
Color: White
Eyes: Sky blue
Family: Tashel, mate (deceased); Valariel, Toalte, Vienel, Tayne, and Torshael, children
Residence: The High One's City
Position: Favored, Housing Coordinator
Description: Vaillal, though a beautiful creature in her own right, is really more... cute... than most Favored Supernals. Four-footed, on the small side for her species, and fluffy rather than powerful, there isn't anything dangerous-looking about her, really, not even her silver claws. Her pure white fur has a particular curl to it, particularly her mane, making it look thicker but not as long as it otherwise would be, and she's a little on the portly side-- hard to see through the fur, but enough to make her look softer and less likely to leap up with a "Fear Not!" or to defend someone. She really looks more like she'd offer someone tea, instead. 

Though Vaillal has two other forms-- she can shape shift into a human, looking like a mortal woman in nearly every way, or a lion, as pure white and blue-eyed as her natural coloring-- she's much more often seen in her human form than her lion form. She doesn't like the teeth-and-claws aspect, really, and if she wanted to be smaller and four-footed, she can just size-shift! Besides, she really does look rather tubby in lion form, and it's a bit embarrassing. As a human, she's also a bit chubby, but it's easier to hide with clothing, and looks a bit more natural, anyway: fat lions aren't exactly cute, but slightly round women can pull it off. She has short, curly, pure white hair and a heart-shaped face, and loves warm colors: browns, red, golds, and oranges. 

Personality: Though she isn't exactly faint of heart-- she has a great heart and a lot of love to spread around-- Vaillal Peregrin is also unfit for battle, being easily frightened by the idea of death, destruction, and pain, and not exactly a quick thinker on her feet. She isn't stupid-- she is in fact very observant and able to put those observations to correct conclusions, and she can read people very well-- but throw her into a combat situation and her wits seem to leave her entirely. As the High One does not see fit to force his servants into positions they are unsuited for, she now works in the City, where she can put her observation and people skills to good use. 

It is something of a family joke, particularly among the "true" Peregrins, that Vaillal is a bit silly. She smiles, she giggles, she organizes parties, she doesn't quite get the more complicated conversations that battle-hardened veterans get into about this tactic or that move, and she gets nervous when talk turns to infernals and eradicating evil. Her children in particular are rather free with the word, though usually in an affectionate manner. It may even be true, in some ways: if being social, happy to organize social events for people, and afraid of dying in the field make her silly, then perhaps she is. Once she might have agreed with them, when she was younger, but now she prefers to think of herself as simply a different kind of supernal. After all, someone has to work behind the scenes to keep things running and keep people happy when they're not busy fighting evil, don't they? 

History: Despite the honor and prestige afforded to Favored, even as children, no one really expected great things from Vaillal once they got to know her. They loved her-- parents, siblings, friends, schoolmates, acquaintances, bonds, anybody who wasn't annoyed by her bubbly nature and timidity when it came to battle-- but they simply didn't see her likely to make a hero of herself. All through school, this weighed on her, at least when she thought about it, and the single required year she spent out in the field was like a living hell. Her bond actually found her during this year, and had actually wound up rescuing Vaillal more than being rescued by her. She, her new bond, and her partner at the time-- her exasperated brother, actually, who was much more militaristic than she was-- were recalled after that year, her brother reassigned a different partner, and Vaillal given an apprenticeship inside the City. 

It was in this position, serving as assistant to the current Housing Coordinator, that Vaillal truly blossomed. When he went into retirement-- he was several millennia old by that point, and very much in need of a vacation-- she took over happily, and has been working in it since. She met her late mate, Tashel, the same way she meets most people for the first time in the City: she showed him his new house. Already well over fifty, she had given up on finding a partner among the rest of the active Favored, but young Tashel-- he was only just moved up to full Favored status at the time-- was enchanted and, after a couple years of courtship between his own stints in the field, finally managed to convince her that yes, he did love her and yes, he did want to marry her. 

Tashel's acceptance was the last nail in the coffin of her self-doubt that her useful and enjoyable job had started building, and even though she only had him for a little over a century, she still calls him the best thing that had ever happened to her. She still misses him, and at times doesn't know what to do with herself without him around, but by now she has enough friends that she can keep herself busy if she needs to. Keeping track of her scattered children fills up the rest of her free time, sometimes to their annoyance. 

Abilities: All supernals have particular abilities. Like most dragons, they speak telepathically and verbally, and fly and move between planes to teleport. Specific to their species, they have an electrical breath weapon, an immunity to fire, and the ability to heal others. Vaillal's healing ability is particularly weak, and her breath weapon is only average in strength. Supernals can size-shift, shrinking down to be about the size of a housecat or growing to nearly two hundred feet in length, and Vaillal is an excellent size-shifter, readily and easily shifting up or down to make others more comfortable. Supernals can shape-shift into a human form or a lion form, the former looking indistinguishable from a real human and the latter colored like their true form. 

Because she is pure white in color, making her as a rare Favored of the High One, Vaillal has a specific ability granted only to Favored Supernal, called purity, which creates a wave of holy power which can purify a spherical area around her, up to half a mile in radius. Evil caught within the sphere of power are either purified or destroyed. Vaillal is really very out of practice with her purification, and was never all that good with it, to begin with: she is a terrible fighter. However, a side effect of this ability is that, whenever she has holy power gathered around her, no matter how low the level, she has a heightened awareness of good and evil, particularly in people. This, she is much better at using, and it isn't unusual to see her glowing faintly just because she feels like it. 

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