Torshael Peregrin



Name: Torshael Peregrin
Bond: Haiiro'Hiwatari Taelaan
Bonded At: Abstract Destiny
Standing At: Nidus Ryslen's Flurry 2006 and Flurry 2007
Homeworld: Supernal realm, part of the Everrealms
Species: Supernal
Age: Young adult
Sex: Male
Supernal Size: 17'7" at the shoulder, 53'2" long
Lion Size: 3'8" at the shoulder, 10'9" long
Human Height: 6'1"
Element: Pure
Color: White
Eyes: Sky blue
Family: Vaillal, mother; Tashel, father (deceased); Valariel, Toalte, and Vienel, sisters; and Tayne, brother
Residence: The High One's City, stationed to the Nexus
Position: Newly Favored, Nexian Infernal Investigator
Description: One look at Torshael in his true, birth form-- his favorite, if just for this reason-- and anyone can tell he is Favored, in some way, shape, or form, if just because he is beautiful. Graceful on four paws, furred and feathered, and a pristine white from head to paw, he is one of the rare Pure Supernals that is nothing but white, with silver claws, horns, and armoring on his powerful wing-arms. Even his eyes are paler than those of other supernals, sky blue rather than deep and dark. His mane is particularly full and faintly curly, reaching all the way down his belly to the base of his tail, and his feathers seem slightly longer than those of "regular" supernals. He even has a faint glow about him, and, somehow, rarely seems to get dirty, despite the obvious tendency for white to stain even from a dirty look. One suspects a low-level use of his Purity ability....

Torshael has two other forms: he can shape shift into a human, looking like a mortal man in nearly every way, or a lion, as pure white and blue-eyed as his natural coloring. He makes more use of his human form than his lion form, but never in battle, only for diplomacy, for though tall, it is slender, and does not take well to gaining muscle. He is devastatingly handsome in this form, with a soft, almost boyish look to his face, perfectly placed eyes and nose, a full mouth, and silky white hair, trailing down his back in untangled curls. For effect, his clothing is mostly white and silver.

As a lion, his most rarely used form, he looks the most powerful, physically, of all three forms, and his mane is as full as his supernal form. There is definitely muscle there, and his beautiful grace turns predatory, his pale blue eyes more piercing. He only uses this form when he wants to intimidate-- which isn't often, anyway-- and intimidate with fear, rather than regality, which is positively rare.

Personality: Being touted as a rare and powerful white supernal might make one arrogant-- but it also might make one insecure. Torshael manages, at times, both. For all he is fierce, strong, and definitely a dedicated warrior for Good, he is constantly preoccupied with living up to expectations he believes everyone else has for him: he wants to be the best supernal he can be, for his father, for his mother, for his brother, for the High One, and even for himself. He has doubts about how good he is, though he tends to appear arrogant in order to hide it: the more worried he feels, the worse his outward denials. Still, he is very noble of heart and mind, very good of intentions, he is just still learning just how to carry out good intentions. Even though he'd love to be independent, he doesn't like being alone, and he relies on his brother quite a bit, both to keep him steady and as a source of companionship. He respects Tayne very much, tending to think he is much more capable and secure than he is, though he doesn't often show it except in times of necessity and emergency.

His new position makes Torshael both proud and worried: he is proud to be trusted with something so important, despite his young age and overall lack of experience, but he is worried that he will not do the task justice. He very much wants to bond, thinking it is The Thing To Do to be a proper warrior of light and a proper Favored Supernal, as if bonding will help erase his doubts and give him more confidence. He isn't naive enough to think bonding will be a cure-all, nor would he be cruel enough to put all of that weight onto a hatchling's shoulders. All he could ever ask of a bond is steady companionship, a source of support and a fellow warrior, whose bonding will hopefully prove to him he's on the right path.

Being out of the High One's realm for the past three years has been something of an eye-opener for Torshael, both building up and rattling down his self-confidence by turns and in different ways. Meeting, conversing with, and most decidedly not battling with various infernals-- including those which are good aligned!-- has shaken him out of the bulk of his arrogance, and though he falls back on it when feeling at his most uncertain, he is still a much gentler creature now than he used to be. 

History: Torshael was hatched from a clutch of three, inside the City where the High One, creator, protector, and guide for supernals everywhere, and deity to those outside the supernals' realm. His parents were both Pures, Favored of the High One and pure white in coloration. Though his siblings, Tayne and Vienel, did not carry the coloration-- being pure white is extremely rare, even from Favored couples-- Torshael, miraculously, was born with the rare coloration, element called Purity, and title of Favored. Though their parents did not love their other two children any less, Torshael was raised knowing he was destined for great things and given special training in defeating evil. Vienel, more of a scholar and a healer than a fighter, found a place in the City to practice what she loved. Tayne, with a warrior's nature, was raised to be a protector and aide to his brother.

The two entered official training at court at age three, and left it two years later to do the High One's bidding in the world, as a pair. Now, two years of fighting infernals, rescuing the innocent, and making small parts of the world temporarily safe again later, Torshael has been deemed experienced enough, adventurous enough, and decorated enough to be given a new position-- an entirely new position, one no Favored has ever been given before. He has been given new orders, directly from the High One, to investigate infernals spreading from the supernals' realm into the Nexus. He is the first Favored to be sent out of the supernals' realm, and Tayne, of course, is going with him.

Abilities: All supernals have particular abilities. Like most dragons, they speak telepathically and verbally, and fly and move between planes to teleport. Specific to their species, they have an electrical breath weapon, an immunity to fire, and the ability to heal others. Torshael's healing ability is of average strength, but his breath weapon is powerful. Supernals can size-shift, shrinking down to be about the size of a housecat or growing to nearly two hundred feet in length, and though Torshael is particularly good at size-shifting and uses the ability often, he is a little better at shifting large than shifting small: he is good, after all, at looking impressive! Supernals can shape-shift into a human form or a lion form, the former looking indistinguishable from a real human and the latter colored like their true form. 

Because he is pure white in color, making him as a rare Favored of the High One, Torshael has a specific ability granted only to Favored Supernal, called purity, which creates a wave of holy power which can purify a spherical area around him, up to half a mile in radius. Evil caught within the sphere of power are either purified or destroyed. As he is still young, Torshael isn't very good, yet, with this ability, but practice and experience will improve it. A side effect of this ability is that, whenever he has holy power gathered around him, no matter how low the level, he has a heightened awareness of good and evil, particularly in people. 

Theme: Kathy Mattea, Brightest and Best



Torshael's Story

The First Hatching