Haiiro'Hiwatari Taelaan


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Name: Haiiro'Hiwatari Taelaan
Meaning: Ashen (one) walking over fire; beloved son.
Bond: Torshael Peregrin
From: Abstract Destiny
Homeworld: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and the Citadel of Shadows
Species: Quarter guardian kirin, quarter Kynnese hybrid, quarter Whorling, quarter Wris'Talora
Age: Hatchling
Sex: Male
Size: 15'0" to the head, (1'6" tall at hatching)
Element: Fire
Color: Gray
Eyes: Red
Cyborware: NuPlume, phoenix feathers (moderate); horn rings (free)
Family: Yulaan, Guardian Kirin; Rehou'Sihnai, Wris'Talora; Talterianak, Kynnese; Tenshaku, Whorling
Residence: The High One's City, bond stationed to the Nexus
Position: Bond to a Newly Favored
Description: Compared to his siblings, it's hard to call Haiiro'Hiwatari anything but plain, even drab, with his gray coloration and black fur. There is no bright colored fur or shining metallic scales for Haiiro, nor does he even have the thigh and dorsal stripes the majority of the clutch bear. The only hints of color on him are the his feathers which, like the rest of his siblings, fade through pastel colors of sunrise, and his eyes, the only spark of red to show his element as Fire. Even the gems on his tail and face are a pale blue, which is easily washed out by the ashen gray of the scales around them. 

When just taken for himself, however, there is still beauty in Haiiro, as long as you like gray. All of his colors harmonize together well, and his lack of bright colors seems fitting for his quiet personality, giving his appearance a sense of simplicity and intentionality. His scales polish up to a gentle shine, giving him a sleek look, and with his long, flowing mane and tail, and his equine-like stance, he makes a graceful picture. 

In the human form gives to him by his father, though fully adult, Haiiro really doesn't really look it. With a softly triangular face, a delicate build with elegant hands, and wide, soulful eyes, red though they are, he looks quite a bit younger than he really is, boyish and innocent and yet still a little bit wise. His hair easily reaches his knees when loose, though it is usually pulled back as untangling it is a terrible pain, and seems to flow easily around the three horns still on his head, positioned very much like his horns as a kirin-dragon. His skin is a dusky, oddly grayed-out brown, interrupted on his face by three tiny, blue orbs along each cheekbone, underneath each eye-- also like his kirin form-- and his ears are surprisingly large and furry, his usual gray. Finally, he still retains a pair of small, completely vestigial wings, sunrise-feathered like his full-sized kirin wings. His clothes range between traditionally medieval-renaissance and vaguely Asian in style, and are usually various shades of white, gold, brown, and pale blue, with a smattering of black, silver, and warm red. There is a lightweight, silver- and blue-pommeled sword in a gray sheath constantly at his side. 

Personality: Like his father and all his siblings, little Haiiro'Hiwatari is a creature of good, and it shows. He is patient-- most of the time-- and kind, with a large heart and enough compassion in it for an entire universe. It would be next to impossible to make him commit an evil act knowingly, which can make for some difficult soul-searching when circumstances warrant something less than black and white. In truth, being bonded to Torshael is really only a technicality, as Haiiro is deeply fond of both brothers, drawn to parts of each of them, and wants to be an equal friend to each of them. He is only quietly social, craving company but not too much company: most of the time, the brothers are enough to keep him happy. 

Though he may be small, plain, and fragile, he has a quick mind and an excellent memory. It's very unlikely that he'll ever be much of a warrior, since he'll have neither the size nor offensive attacks to be much good against any Infernal, but that only bothered him until he discovered his true calling. With his advanced senses, ability to disappear to others' perception, mind-reading ability, and immunity to fire, he proved to be very useful in reconnaissance, instead. As he likes to feel useful and involved, as soon as he figured out what his inherited talents are best suited for, he studied hard and trained himself well so he could be an asset rather than a liability. He understands tactics, sometimes more than Torshael himself does and with quicker reaction time. However, as he doesn't particularly like the spotlight or being in charge, and more importantly doesn't want to ever make Torshael feel like he doesn't know what he's doing, he tends to hold back unless his advice is asked for-- which, once Torshael realized how much advice he has, is often. 

Abilities: Being of the element of Fire, Haiiro both has a fiery breath weapon and an immunity to fire damage, and moderate control over his own body heat and fire of his own creation. He can speak aloud and communicate via telepathy, though the latter is limited to colors, images, and pure emotional feed. To most, it can be difficult to translate, but to other Kynnese dragons like the Riihan he shares heritage with, it is much easier to understand. Because he is a quarter Wris'Talora, Haiiro had the option to soul-bond upon hatching, or bond via blood and soul as well as mind, and he took that option by biting Torshael when he chose him. Due to that bond, he can share in Torshael's abilities, specifically his ability to heal others. Interestingly, he's rather better at it than Torshael himself. 

Most of Haiiro's other abilities are connected to the senses, whether his own or another's. His own senses, with training, can be magically enhanced and far more acute than any natural creature's senses. He can read the mind of another, provided that mind is not protected more powerfully than he can penetrate, without the subject noticing his presence. This ability he will not use without just cause-- though "just cause" can sometimes be hazy, and has certainly been rationalized in the past-- and it cannot be used offensively. Finally, he has the ability to twist the perceptions of others when it comes to his own person: he can either be invisible to all the senses, including psionics and magic, or appear completely to be someone or something else in the same fashion. This is not a magical or psionic ability, and cannot be seen through except be deities, demigods, and other such immortal beings. 

Finally, Haiiro has the ability to shift into a humanoid form, an ability granted to him by his kirin-father Yulaan as part necessity and part reward. In this form, he is small and slight, barely 5'5", and dark of skin and hair. He retains his three horns, his furry ears, the gems on his face, and a pair of vestigial versions of his wings. He can sometimes feel awkward in this form, but he's learning to be more comfortable with it with practice. 

Theme: Angels and Airwaves, The Adventure


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