The Supernals' Story: The Two Flurries

Chapter Two



Please, please, please, please be careful! If anyone back home found out these were my children... I don't even want to know what would happen. It's not that I'm not pleased with them-- though they're only eggs, so there's only so much to be pleased about-- or won't be proud of them in their own right, but I don't want to ruin the family reputation just because I needed to experiment with... things like that. You understand, I'm sure?

If you want to come, I can't stop you. Tayne tells me if I try to, he'll pounce me and hold me down and Haiiro can come get you. Haiiro says he'd do it, too. So if you're determined, I can't stop you. But just please make sure you're careful and you aren't going to go spreading this around the City.

There is a lot of snow around, so you'll get your fix, I'm sure. Bring warm clothes unless you decide on staying furry, though I'm sure Tayne will be glad to warm you up as needed. Haiiro and I actually go out in it fairly often just to play around. It's... refreshing, if cold, but I still have those snow-clothes that Tekasynos made me, so if I'm in human form, I do all right.

As for the strangeness... I'm not honestly sure what happened. It's really just confusing. But I don't trust that man with his castle at all, and quite honestly, if you did take home one of my children, I'd be relieved that he couldn't get to at least that one. Haiiro and I will be attending the hatching, as well, as much to keep an eye on him as to possibly adopt a child to look after. Haiiro seems quite keen on this idea of adopting, actually, which is a bit unexpected, but once I return to the City there isn't much for us to do while I look for a wife, so I'm humoring him and signing up, just in case.

Otherwise, I don't really know what to tell you. There isn't anything special you need to know, for the hatching or for the Nidus itself. I'm sure you'll be fine in lion form, it's all right. There's actually a lot of strange people and things here, I doubt a big cat would be looked at in askance. 

Please don't bring your battalion of librarians, for battling or writing purposes.

I love you, too, Vienel.



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