The Supernals' Story: The Two Flurries

Chapter Two



I told Tor' he's not stopping you or arguing, so you're good. Lii says she's going to swat you when she sees you, so watch out. Tiny little bird-brains like her can hit hard, you know.

We're all doing okay. Bird-brain is swearing she's never going to have children again. I almost believe her, too, she's going a bit crazy with it all. It's a bit cold for my liking, but I can cheat to get around that, it's just a bit tiring to do it all the time. Torshael seems to like the cold, more proof that he's utterly insane.

Don't feel bad for Torshael's mate. Feel bad for Torshael! Icuus is very persistent, and Torshael just plain doesn't know what to do with her. But you can definitely feel bad for Haiiro, because he's got Torshael complaining and worrying and gushing at him all the time. Sometimes all at once, like he can't decide which one to be feeling. Have you ever heard a gushy, worrying complaint? It's fun.

Also don't worry about the hatching thing. There's nothing really special you need to do, just be there and be open to whatever happens. I think the bonds that choose you know what they're doing; Tor' and I both came out pretty well-matched. There's some kind of magic or telepathy involved so they know you before they pick you. Or maybe it's the High One, or whatever deity is on this world, making sure it works. I don't know, but don't worry. I know Tor' and Haiiro are going to be there, and so am I and Fluniarlii, though who knows if we'll wind up attaching anyone, related or not. Tekas might complain, but then, I think he likes kids. 

And yes, I miss Tekas, you wicked girl, but not just for sex, and you know it. I wish he could have come and stayed for longer, but all we've got is when he can get away. It's the busy season for his business, back home, so we wind up seeing each other once every few days. We won't be away much longer, though, and we're pretty sure he'll make it to the hatching, at least, so you can say hello.

How have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. It'll be good to have you here-- to have all three of us here. Like old times, you know? Just the three of us, running around the City, getting into trouble... or as much trouble as three Peregrines are ever going to get into. Except now there's bonds and lovers to include, too. I wonder if it'll feel different.

I'll be there to pick you up early morning in three days. At least, that's what I'm guessing given the time-difference between this world and the Realm. Make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes; like I said, it's damn cold around here unless you stay inside or stay by me.

Fluniarlii and I send our love, back, swat or no swat. Here's to the High One's couriers. Tell Mother I miss her.




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