Torshael and Tayne's Story: Between Missions

Chapter Thirty

Written in Collaboration with Dragonflight


Tayne and Tekas didn't move for quite a while... but then, neither of them really wanted to. Eventually, though, Tayne broke the embrace to relocate them somewhere more comfortable-- his rear end was in serious danger of falling asleep, and the foot he'd been sitting on had already done so. So, once he managed to get some feeling back into his toes-- with much attendant shaking of and cursing at the offending appendages, to Tekas's amusement-- and finally rid himself of the currently useless hair tie, he led Tekas upstairs to that comfortably cushioned, sunken circle in the floor in the living room and settled them there, in front of the fireplace. Irithin-- or somebody, though he doubted Fluniarlii had done it-- had set a fire there against the slight chill of encroaching autumn and the sea. It was starting to falter by the time they got there, but it only took a few bits of wood and a bit of poking with his control over heat to get it blazing merrily again.

Wanting the contact, after several days without it and after Tekas's emotional turmoil of the afternoon, Tayne lounged on the pillows with the infernal stretched out against his side, under his arm. "So," he began lazily, returning to a subject they hadn't really had a chance to broach. "Thinking of bonding, you said?"

"Mmmhmm," Tekas murmured just as lazily, his head on Tayne's shoulder and one leg wrapped loosely around one if his. Thankfully, all the paint on his clothes and in his hair-- and that one smudge on his cheek, which Tayne found remarkably cute and had purposefully not mentioned so he wouldn't wipe it off-- was dry, though Tayne already had a few spots on his own tunic from before, when it wasn't. He'd have to talk the infernal into a bath, later....

But first things first, especially since those first things didn't require movement. "Going the usual route, finding a human or something? Or you wanna take your chances at a dragon hatching?"

"I don't think I'd be able to find a human around here who wouldn't cringe at the thought," Tekas said. "They seem to be rather twitchy around here, and for good reason, given what's happened."

"What with Zu and all, and their history with random-- er, critters," Tayne agreed, remembering at the last minute that Tekas probably wouldn't take well to being called a monster. He hadn't in the past. If Tekas noticed the self-correction, he didn't comment. "Should've thought of that."

"I think I'd rather go a different route, honestly," Tekas finished.

"So a hatching, then?" Tayne mused. "Given any thought as to where you'd like to go?"

"I think I rather like the ones that were coming after Lii's clutch, at the Abstract Destiny. They reminded me of... me, a little bit, I suppose. I think it'd be a good place to start."

"I think so, too, actually," Tayne nodded, ruffling his hair a little with his cheek in the process. He frowned, lifting his head to smooth it back down with a few fingers, then rested his cheek back down on it again. "They're good people, and me and Torshael had good luck there. And besides," he added, "the idea of you possibly bonding something with supernal genes in it just... amuses me a little. Or terisae genes, for that matter... they're cute little things."

"Okay, well, I hadn't thought about that part," Tekas commented wryly.

Tayne grinned. "Figured you hadn't. So when do you want to go sign up? The hatching wasn't due for a while, I think... at least another month. But I still think time moves a little strangely between here and there. One of Haiiro's brothers stayed on the ship, and he's only half-grown."

"That's not surprising, to be quite honest," Tekas chuckled. "But I don't have a preference when to go... I'm not particularly busy at the moment, anyway."

"Should probably go before I talk to the Order, then," Tayne sighed, laying his head back into the pillows. "Easier than trying to get time off in my first couple weeks on the job."

"Heh. Indeed."

"Soon, then...." He idly ran his fingers down Tekas's arm, and up again, just for something for his hand to do. Then a thought came to him, and he asked, "Will, er, funds be a problem? If we wind up having to stay a while?" Staying on Star City for a while could get expensive, but he thought he'd read somewhere that Doctor Schroeder could get cheaper lodgings if it was necessary.... Or he could probably make another withdrawal from the City, if he asked, though he'd rather not have to.

"Hnn," Tekas said around a soft purr, sounding unconcerned. "I can handle it."

"All right, then. Vacation's on you, this time." He lifted his head again to give Tekas a sly grin, and a nuzzle into his hair. "We'll have to make sure Lii has her own room, of course."

"Mmmhmm," Tekas agreed contentedly, and Tayne hugged him a little closer. Then, without warning, he hooked a hand around the infernal's hips and, with a quick and easy tug that made Tekas yelp with surprise, pulled him off the cushioned floor and onto his lap.

"You were too far away," he explained lightly before Tekas could protest, grinning.

Well, at least Tekas seemed to find the change in position amusing. "Apparently."

"You were!" Tayne insisted, leaning up to kiss him. Tekas purred softly. "See? Much more comfortable now."

"Mmmhmm," Tekas agreed, nuzzling along the bottom of his jaw.

Tayne shut his eyes and rolled his head back with a sigh. "Definitely more comfortable," he reiterated, slipping his arms back around him. "You can do that all you want...." There was just enough of a pause for Tayne to open one eye again and catch the hint of a smirk before Tekas got back to it with a will. Tayne chuckled softly and shut the eye again, leaning his head back as far as he could manage-- better access, and all-- to enjoy. And, after a moment, made his best "fake purr" sound for Tekas's benefit.

Tekas chuckled. "Mmm, how cute...."

"Hey, it's the best I can do," Tayne grinned lazily at him, "purr" dying; he could only do it for as long as he had enough breath to. He freed one hand from Tekas's back to run his fingers though the infernal's hair, settling his palm against his neck after a stroke or two. "It's good to be back...."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Tekas purred; Tayne could feel the vibration against his hand, and it made him smile. He brought the infernal back into a kiss, and set about making up for lost time-- even if it was only a few days. It was as good of an excuse as any.

Unsurprisingly, it was quite a while later when he finally got around to letting Lii know what was going on. ::Hey,:: he began sleepily.

::Finally remembered me, huh?:: she teased.

::Hey, I'm sure you know Tekas needed me.::

::Uh-huh. And you needed a--::


::--kiss,:: she finished innocently, though that was not what she'd been going to say, Tayne could tell. ::A lot of kisses, I expect,:: she continued primly, as if that little minx could ever be prissy. ::Am I going to need to get Irithin to make me dinner, or are you two going to be ready for company by then?::

::Mmm. No idea, really.... Don't really wanna move, right now, to be honest.::

::Figured as much. I'll plan on Irithin, then. You're the better cook, though, so you'd better make it up to me.::

::How about another vacation? Will that make it up to you?::

Lii sounded surprised when she said blankly, ::Vacation?::

::Yeah. Tekas decided he wants to bond, now.::

There was an amused snort that conveyed itself rather interestingly mind-to-mind. Tayne was hard-pressed not to snicker-- or, well, he would have been, if he weren't feeling so lazy at the moment. ::I was that good of an example, was I?:: she asked.

::Oh, yeah. He's hoping for someone just like you,:: he replied sarcastically. ::Really, he doesn't want to be left alone again, whenever I have to go home, or when I'm working and he's stuck here....::

::Makes sense,:: Lii agreed.

::We'll probably be going back to Star City in a couple days; he said the synth after yours interested him. I expect he'll finish up that painting for Tor', get his things in order, and we'll go.::

::But-- the Sentinels?::

::There will be time for that when we get back. I thought it would be easier to wait, than to get signed up and then immediately want time off.::

There was a long pause, and then Lii conveyed the sense of a sigh. ::I suppose you're right. Don't spend all your time there holed up with Tekas, though... I want to see some of you both, too.::

::On my honor,:: he promised. ::We'll make sure you're plenty entertained, and don't get lonely.::

::Well, all right, then. But we get signed up with the Sentinels as soon as we get back!::

That time Tayne did chuckle, softly, at her adamancy. Tekas made a sleepy questioning sound, which he soothed away with a light kiss, and he replied, ::The very day, if we can manage it.::

::All right, then. I'll leave you to your--::

::Lii,:: he said warningly.

::--kissing,:: she finished innocently again. ::Have fun!::

Sighing softly, just once, for his bond's far too dirty sense of humor, Tayne shifted Tekas closer and let it go. He'd much rather doze with a cuddly infernal than try to clean up a hatchling's filthy mind, anyway. At least the former wasn't a futile exercise....


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