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Name: Pebai Cn'eni
Sponsor: Frux Ivou
Sponsored from: The Fur and Feathers Frenzy
Bond: Martyneth Amyudo
Candidate at: Nidus Ryslen's 2005 Flurry
Sex: Female
Height: 21'1" at the shoulder
Fur: Brown
Fringe: Flame-colored, fading to white
Jewels: Red
Eyes: Gold
Parents: Gravo Krelliane, father, Avengaean Fire; Carara Cn'eni, mother, Avengaean Earth
Other: Tantra Netor, Catame Danui, Daynoren Danui, Novitas Puchre, Brio Nerano, Hambia Sesske, Ontellonji Jariane
Residence: The Avengaean Nidus, Apartment A13; more regularly at the Driolo Bonding Complex and School
Position: Day-care and baby-sitting at the Driolo School, for young students and the offspring of students
Pet: Forge Eden
Personality: Frux wanted a child to look after, and he most certainly got his wish. Pebai is playful, energetic, talkative, excitable, tactless, hyperactive, curious, and utterly childlike. Some of those she might grow out of, like the tactlessness, but she most likely won't mature beyond her playful and hyper tendencies. Without those... she just wouldn't be herself! Even Frux, who has been known to bemoan his young charge's endless energy, would be surprised to find it abate with age. 

She's very imaginative, able to keep herself occupied when she needs to with games of pretend, but she's also very social and prefers to have someone else involved in her games-- much to Frux's frustration, when he's trying to work on something else, and she wants him to play. Unfortunately for him, she adores him and so that desire for his attention is a fairly constant-- but also fortunately, she adores him, so tries not to bother him too much, lest he get angry with her. 

The addition of three new friends to Pebai's life was good: Brio was always trying to show her new and interesting things he could do with his Fire magic; Hambia always had good stories to tell; and Ontellonji would wrestle with her whenever she wanted! The move to the Driolo Bonding Complex, now turned into a school which Frux took up a job at, was even better: not only did she have a whole school to run around it, but except for when they went "home" over the holidays, she had a whole school full of friends! 

Abilities: Earth and Plant Magic: This wide-ranging ability allows its user to manipulate earth and foundations, summon earth and rock out of nothingness, as well as encouraging and controlling plant growth. Level 10, very high degree of power, control, and breadth. 

Functional Magic: A wide-ranging ability that allows the user to do anything from enchanting an object to change temperature, to casting a protective spell, to creating a communication or light charm. Functional magic covers more then this, but you get the general idea. Level 6, moderately high degree of power, control, and breadth. 


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