Torshael and Tayne's Story: A New God for a New Mission

Chapter Fifty-Two

Written in Collaboration with Dragonflight


Two days, a very enjoyable evening, and a lot of alcohol later, Tayne was pleased that he was only weaving and not staggering, considering how drunk he knew he was. It was late in the evening, and they'd been at a variety of taverns, and sampled a variety of quite tasty drinks-- with a couple not-so-tasty ones in there, too, but not enough to ruin the good ones, or the night. There'd even been a few friends from the Order now and then, who had been quite helpful in getting them to a new tavern with a new variety of drinks to choose from.

But no matter how pleased he was that he was at least relatively steady on his feet, just then he was even more pleased that he had one Tekasynos Valar under one arm. Of course, the fact that Tekas had consumed just as much alcohol as he had and was weaving just as much as he was meant that he wasn't exactly being a very good support or guide. But really, there were much more pleasant reasons for having a handsome man under one's arm. He indulged in one of them, leaning over to nibble on the rim of his ear, since it was at such a convenient height.

Unfortunately, that meant they wove quite a bit to the right for a minute, since that was the direction his attention had quite happily focused, but Tayne didn't care, because Tekas purred. An absolutely fascinating sound, purring, especially when coming from that particular throat. He rather wished he could do it, himself, but he'd settle for hearing Tekas do it again. Really, Tayne had resolved more than once over the course of the night to make him do it again, so finding that this time was no exception wasn't really a surprise, even as happily hazy as he was feeling at the moment.

First things first, though, he had to figure out somehow to get him to hold still. All this weaving about really wasn't conducive to making someone purr. He withdrew his nose from nuzzling into blonde-and-blue hair and looked around. There wasn't a pub in sight. Or even a bench. Actually, it dawned on him that he wasn't really sure where they were.

"Where 'xactly are we going?" he asked, proud that he hardly slurred at all. How much had he had, exactly? He really couldn't remember. Maybe it was a good thing there wasn't a pub in sight. He thought he'd probably had enough.

"Home," Tekas said briefly.

"Home. Sounds good. Think I've prolly had enough, anyway. Ground ain't too steady, you know?"

"Def'nitely," Tekas agreed.

They made it another block or so before running into something-- a dimly glowing lamppost that Tayne could have sworn had jumped aside and into their path at the last moment-- and Tayne took the opportunity to steal a kiss or two while he had his companion a little closer, and at some angle more conducive to kissing. They weren't nearly as graceful of kisses as he'd hoped-- or as some of his earlier ones had been-- but Tekas didn't seem to mind. He wasn't exactly moving with a lot of grace, either. It took them a minute to get moving again, and that was when Tayne thought to ask, "Whose home?"

Tekas didn't seem to have lost the thread of the conversation, even though it had been a few minutes. "Mine. S'closer."

"No Torshael, too," Tayne added sagely. He doubted Torshael would approve of the drunkenness or, probably, the kissing. But he was quite happy being drunk, and even more happy with the kissing, so Torshael's presence would be less than welcome.

"That, too," Tekas agreed, nose wrinkling quite attractively. Tayne considered kissing that, too, but then decided it would probably lead to one or both of them falling down, and falling down here would probably be a bad idea, so he settled for nuzzling into his hair again. Mmm, more purring, he liked that....

Thankfully, Tekas was right when he'd said his place was closer. It really was closer. Or rather, maybe he meant quite close, because it seemed they were there in no time at all. It also presented a very handy door to lean Tekas against for a minute so he could pay some close and personal attention to his neck. It was such a lovely neck, and Tekas only made it easier for him by arching up into his mouth and rolling his head aside. And purring, of course, which made it a quite interesting experience. Thus, it took a minute or two more for Tekas to actually get the door open and get them inside.

Flipping on the lights elicited a wince, but at least it wasn't too bright. Just bright enough to be annoying. It did give him enough of a pause, though, that it was Tekas who grabbed his hand-- a little impatiently, maybe, but Tayne wasn't going to complain-- and led him further inside. The entrance hallway was short-- thank the High One-- and led to the somewhat familiar living room. He remembered that couch, and Tekas drying his hair, and him ruffling it up again, and--

"Whoops." He'd managed to stagger right into the back of said couch, then maneuvered his way around it to sit-- or maybe it was closer to fall-- on it. "Damn, I'm not usually this clumsy," he laughed.

"You're also enbr-- inera-- inebra-- sloshed," Tekas gave up.

"Very true," Tayne agreed, blinking, then snickered a little as his companion wound up on the floor rather than the couch. "What're you doin' down there, man?" Rather than waiting for an answer, though, he slid off the couch to join him, and found to his surprise there were a number of pillows already down there.

"Sofa's too high," Tekas told him solemnly. 

"Mmm," Tayne agreed, though really, he didn't care so much except that now Tekas with back within arm's reach, and he wouldn't have to drag him up onto anything in order to get back to finding another way to make him purr. "C'mere," he ordered, albeit gently, and wrapped an arm back around him to help speed the process along.

"Okay," Tekas obliged, sliding back over and up against him.

It didn't take long at all to get back to the purring, and Tayne quickly discovered, to his delight, that Tekas was quite a versatile purr-er. He could go louder or softer, he could go faster or slower, he could even change pitch. Tayne just as quickly decided he'd spend the rest of the night-- or until he or Tekas passed out-- finding out just what elicited what kind of purr. Lips met, and wandered; hands tangled in hair, then found their way under shirts. At that point Tayne wished again that he could purr-- but lions didn't purr. Housecats purred, though, and apparently infernals, so he just doubled his efforts at getting the sound out of Tekas. He had to give Tekas credit, a while later, for managing to half-undress him without making him move too much. And, of course, he had to retaliate, and one-up him, by getting all his clothes off-- and that opened up so many more possibilities for places to touch and kiss in search of a happier, more vibrant purr.

Before long, he was discovering other interesting noises he could make Tekas make, and that was fun, too, even when Tekas started trying some of the same. Well, perhaps especially when Tekas started trying some of the same. In the end, though, he was just glad that Tekas passed out first... because he didn't think he could stay awake much longer, and dammit, he was determined not to fall asleep first. It was a matter of pride and, he thought vaguely, self-defense. If Tekas fell asleep first, he couldn't find somewhere else to sleep-- and he found he didn't really want him to leave.

Settling down amidst the pillows on the floor with a drowsy and sated infernal curled against his side was certainly a different way to end a night. But really, Tayne thought as he finally drifted off, it didn't seem like a bad one, either. No... not a bad one, at all.


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