Beast and Demon



Name: Janunir'tya
Bonds: Sun Soul; Kjolir'isan (co-bond)
Partners: Salyatti, Glasya-Labolas
From: The Twisted Fate, Biotheurge 03
Homeworld: The infernal realm, related to the Everrealms, and Arx Atra Mons
Species: Half infernal, half Arx Atra Mons Beast
Rank: Imperial #16
Sex: Female
Length: 39'8" (was 4'10" at hatching)
Color: Smog (mottled teal)
Accent: Gold
Eyes: Red
Parents: Kakorana, infernal; unnamed, deceased beast
Residence: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows; Zu's island stronghold
Position: None yet
Rune-Brands: Shape shifting (obsidian, adult charm)
Personality: You'll never find Janunir weaseling her way into social circles the way Sun Soul can. Not only is she just too big and fearsome-looking, but she just doesn't have the patience for such maneuvers. Violence, intimidation, and blackmail-- of the direct sort, like hostages, rather than taking forever to investigate someone's darkest secrets-- are the language that she speaks. She isn't unintelligent, and she can certainly appreciate subtle machinations, which is why she bonded Sun Soul to begin with, but she would just never take the time for such a thing, herself. In the end, she's much too spontaneous, with a tendency to act out of impatience rather than sticking to any afore-decided plan. 
Abilities: Breath Weapon (Fire). Fire Immunity. Shapeshifting (Imp). Teleportation. Venomous Stingers. Verbal Speech.
Theme: ?


Sun Soul's Story

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The Twisted Fate: Biotheurge 03 Hatching

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