Spy for a Demon



Name: Sun Soul
Bonds: Janunir'tya; Kjolir'isan
Bonded At: The Twisted Fate, Biotheurge 03
Homeworld: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows
Species: Tahrim
Age at
76 (adult)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Dark blonde, long and mostly straight
Fur: Cream with faint marmalade tabby stripes
Eyes: Blue
Family: ?
Residence: Kynn, Zu's island stronghold
Position: Spy for Zu
Description: When she wants to be, Sun Soul can be a very attractive woman. When she takes off the cosmetics, fitted clothing, and disguising odds and ends, however, she is really more plain than she makes herself out to be. Though she is fit and somewhat exotic looking, if you aren't used to "catgirls", Sun Soul isn't a particularly pretty woman for her species. She isn't ugly, but there is no extraordinary beauty about her: her face is fairly plain, wide and round, with eyes set too far apart for real attractiveness, a full mouth that looks deceptively easy to smile with, and a narrow nose that looks out of place when everything else around it is broad. Her chest is small, her hips broad, and unless she is making an effort to look harmless, there looks like there is not an inch of wasted flesh on her, being mostly muscle. She keeps her blonde hair long, though the style changes with her assignment. Her feline attributes-- creamy fur, pert and pointed feline ears, and a long-furred, orange-ringed tail-- simply add a bit of the alien to her, but even then, most cultures in the Nexus these days are used to part-felines. Still, there are times when being attractive can get her somewhere, and at those times, she puts vast effort into her appearance, and she can be sexy, eye-catching, or even a homey sort of pretty. It all depends on the assignment.  
Personality: Sun Soul might not be inherently violent or even devious, but neither is she at all good. She is, in fact, highly manipulative and callous about other people's feelings, more interested in the end goal and certainly not concerned about who winds up in trouble, hurt, or even dead in the pursuit of it, as long as it isn't herself, a resource she intends to use later, or her employer. She does not have actual friends, though she does have amiable relations with said resources and employer, nor does she have romantic attachments, though she has taken lovers in the course of assignments if she thought they might be more inclined to help or talk if she offered sex in return. 

Both restless and disciplined, Sun Soul is unable to be doing nothing for more than a few minutes at a time. When on assignment, she is capable of looking like she's doing nothing-- though this is rare, for people who look like they are doing nothing are those to be suspicious of eavesdropping-- but her mind is so alert that it makes up for the lack of a task in her hands. When off assignment, she doesn't know what to do with herself, and winds up taking up various projects to fill her time and keep herself from idleness. Thus, she is very rarely off assignment, if she can manage it. 

Currently, she is aboard the Fate not because she wants to bond or sponsor, but because that is where her current quarry is, and she must stand as a Chosen in order to watch him. She is a little intrigued by the idea of candidacy, but cannot actually imagine having a steady partner, much less a child tailing after her, even less a bond, and is honestly not expecting to wind up with one, though she doesn't think she will be displeased if she winds up with one. 

History: For the five years prior to her arrival on the Twisted Fate, Sun Soul has worked for Zu's slowly growing organization on Kynn as a spy, information collector, occasional saboteur, and on rare occasions thief. Before that, she worked freelance, pandering in information first between tahrim tribes and eventually moving to larger circles. She is good at what she does, and enjoys it more often than not: pretending to be someone else, doing something else, while really paying close attention to things said around her that might be possible to sell or trade. She enjoys both the danger surrounding her job and the intellectual challenge of it, as well as, now, the benefits of a wealthy employer who can adequately fund her assignments. 

Sun Soul's childhood among her people, in the jungles of Ahai, was fairly normal. A relatively unimportant daughter of her tribe's second mage's second wife, she was trained as a hunter and tracker, but she found the work tedious and menial. Even young, she was much more interested in gossip and what she could do with it, despite her parental scolds for such unbecoming and idle chatter. When she tracked down and then sold her first bit of information-- someone in a neighboring tribe wanted to know whether her father's superior mage knew a certain spell and how to counter-act it, and traded her a fine, curved knife for it-- she knew that was what she wanted to do. It took a lot of travel and a lot of research-- and a lot of time spent on the edge of starvation-- but she did finally achieve her goal, to her great pride. 

It has been almost fifty years since Sun Soul has been back to her homeland, and though she doesn't miss the tribes or her family, she misses the tropical heat and, sometimes, the jungle itself. 

Abilities: Pretty much all of Sun Soul's abilities are physical and well-trained as a part of her profession, rather than something innate. She can track, she can keep utterly silent, she can disguise herself in hundreds of ways, she can act, she can even change the timbre and accent of her voice with concentration. Her mind is quick, clever, and highly trained: she rarely forgets anything she has learned. She is quick in battle though not terribly strong, preferring to make any attacks that must be made by stealth; honestly, as a spy rather than an assassin, she avoids battle whenever possible, or incites others to fight for her. The only innate ability she can admit to possessing is not so much magic as a product of her upbringing, a lot of work, and gifts of her species: Sun Soul cannot be tracked through nearly any terrain, being extremely light of foot and remarkably unscentable. 

Also, currently, she bears a charm to keep her memory from being modified in any way. 

Theme: ?


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