More Than a Beast



Name: Kjolir'isan
Bonds: Sun Soul; Janunir'tya (co-bond)
From: The Twisted Fate, Biotheurge 03
Homeworld: The infernal realm, related to the Everrealms, and Arx Atra Mons
Species: Half infernal, half Arx Atra Mons Beast
Rank: Basic #3
Sex: Male
Length: 17'6" (was 2'1" at hatching)
Color: Coal (mottled gray)
Accent: Black
Eyes: Red
Parents: Kakorana, infernal; unnamed, deceased beast
Residence: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows; Zu's island stronghold
Position: None yet
Rune-Brands: Shape shifting (obsidian, adult charm); Tongues (iron, hatchling charm); Telepathy (iron, Janunir's charm)
Personality: Kjolir is a beast with far too much ambition, for such a small and otherwise insignificant creature. Who cares if his clutchmates would've eaten him given the chance, and Janunir'tya-- not that he ever calls her by her formal name, still threatens to do so quite regularly? He's a coal, thus it is practically required that he rise above his mere physical classification and show the world just what he's made of. He does not think he is entitled to this, he just wants to give people a reason to judge him by his color rather than his physique, or better yet, by his mind. He is a careful, methodical thinker the way Janunir is not, with enough brains to work his way out of sticky situations, enough forethought to usually avoid sticky situations to begin with, and enough courage to do what is necessary if there is no one else to do it. What charisma he has is only used to manipulate anyone he believes he can use as a stepping-stone, but he is a very smooth talker when he thinks he's got a chance at getting somewhere with words. Anyone in his life is there to be made use of, to him, and he usually has a plan for just how to do so. 
Abilities: Breath Weapon (Fire). Fire Immunity. Teleportation. Venomous Stingers. Verbal Speech.
Theme: ?


Sun Soul's Story

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The Twisted Fate: Biotheurge 03 Hatching

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