Twisted Demon 



Name: Glasya-Labolas
Bond: None
Chosen: Janunir'tya
From: Hell
Species: Hellish Demon (subtype: Fallen Being of Love)
Sex: Male
Length: Unlimited (usually hovers around the same size as his current chosen)
Color: Blood-splattered Gold
Eyes: Red
Residence: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows; Zu's island stronghold
Position: None yet
Personality: Perhaps the most twisted of all demons, Glasya was once a creature of love and light. His condemnation to Hell has broken his mind. This demon inspires love and trust in his victims, and then revels in enforcing homicidal thoughts. He enjoys murder/suicides, delighting in the grief of one who's driven to destroy those that are closest to it. Glasya's temperament is deceptively calm and benevolent. He rarely acts in violence to those who trust him, but if they happen to have another in their life... well, they're in trouble. (to be expanded upon later)
Abilities: Shapeshifting (unlimited), Inspiration (love, obsession, hatred... all those lovely passionate emotions), Telepathy, Reality Modification, Verbal Speech, Immortality (moderate)
Theme: ?


Sun Soul's Story

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The Twisted Fate: Biotheurge 03 Hatching

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Chapter Nine

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