Name: Ronan Mei'Lerlande
Bond: Zzandoren Viore
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Homeworld: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows
Species: Half Venator callidus draconis or Yautjadragon, Purge Type; half Koha Riihan, Greater Kynnese Dragon
Age at: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 12'0" at the shoulder (was 3'0" at hatching)
Hair: Gray
Color: Mottled black
Eyes: Gray
Family: Dtande, father; other biopool donors unknown
Residence: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows, continent of Talma though sometimes moves continents; constantly traveling
Position: Vigilante; occasional wolf-sitter
Cyborware: Major token (hatchling, unused)
Companions: Rythri Hyannaisi, Thonyn Mei'Dtande, Resham Fadala, Shessyi

Restless and aggressive, Ronan's healing abilities are only a supplement to his nature, not his defining characteristic. Such might be the case for all the Genesis Two hatchlings, but it is especially true for this one: he has no gift for healing beyond the barest abilities granted to him by the Unicorn, and no real desire to put those to use, anyway. He is not at all mean or cruel, and can certainly be kind and honorable, but he is also hot-headed, incapable of subtlety, and very much a warrior. He is quick to turn impatient and jump to the worst conclusion possible if it means even the barest hint of doing away with evil-- or, if he's in a particularly bad mood, just a fight; mistakes can be sorted out later. An emotional creature himself, he doesn't even think Zzandoren's more wolfish instincts need doing away with unless they turn dangerous: instinct can be useful, when logic and fact are lacking. 

Ronan has, and does, make an effort to help his bond tame his Hunter side-- and will come running should the beast ever be loose-- but only when Zzandoren makes the effort, as well. If locking him up is what it takes, then locking him up he would do. His purpose is not to baby-sit a man who cannot control himself, and he will not hesitate to tell the man when he thinks he's gone too far, but when Zzandoren does keep himself controlled, he has no quarrel with him. He actually likes Zzandoren quite a bit, in his gruff way, respects his desire to keep people safe from him, and looks up to him a little for his patience and acceptance-- qualities Ronan himself lacks-- but simply cannot stand the peaceful lifestyle the priest prefers. There'll be none of the "gentle healer" life for this one, and very little time spent in the company of anyone needing such tending. Wounded and ill actually make him a little uncomfortable, as he's not at all sure how to handle them beyond the simple mending he's been taught and gifted with: bedside manner is utterly absent, in his case. Instead, then, he roams on his own in search of good deeds to be done-- preferably exciting deeds, that save lives and destroy evil, rather than the day-to-day "good deeds" that less volatile individuals do. 

Abilities: Acid Immunity. Balefire Immunity. Breath Weapon (Shadow). Corruption Immunity. Elemental Immunity (Shadow). Healing Powers. Huntermind Communication. Purification Powers. Telepathy. Teleportation.
Theme: ?


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