Name: Zzandoren Viore
Bond: Ronan Mei'Lerlande
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Homeworld: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows
Species: Human-werewolf (hunter type)
Age at
107 (middle-aged)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Brown, shaggy and worn just below shoulder-length
Skin: Well-tanned but light-toned at base
Eyes: Brown
Family: ?
Residence: Kynn, continent of Talma though sometimes moves continents; constantly traveling
Position: Priest of Glace, healer
Companions: Rythri Hyannaisi
Description: Though Zzandoren has three forms, he only willingly uses two. Most commonly, since he was born with it and is most comfortable with it, he is a stocky human of very average height, generally garbed in faded, patched, but relatively clean clothing and sturdy boots. His thick hair is long more out of a lack of care to bother cutting it than out of any sense of style or rank, and a very ordinary brown, graying just a little at the temples. He has a soft sort of face, though not feminine, with an aquiline nose, warm brown eyes, and a friendly smile. The only signs that he is anything but a drifting vagabond are: his staff, taller than he is, intricately carved, and braced with a lead core; the plethora of different medicinal herbs in pouches attached to his worn belt and buried in his shoulder-bag; and the glint of gold in his hair, five golden dragon scales threaded with green beads, the sign of a priest of the goddess Glace. 

More recently, he has also gained the ability to change into a wolf. Here, he is unusually large for a wolf, being three and a half feet tall at the shoulder, and shaggy with brown and gray fur, thick enough that he would be comfortable at very low temperatures and miserable at higher ones. He is sturdily built, heavy-jawed, and honey-eyed, a warm color that makes him seem less threatening, even as a predator. 

When the moon Shinan-Al is full, if he hasn't managed to resist the change, he is less wolf and more monster, and he avoids this form at all costs, not because of his appearance, but because of his hunter mentality. 

Personality: Having spent more than a century with his human self, Zzandoren is more comfortable with human mannerisms and values than he is with wolfen ones. He is a dedicated and diligent healer, going the extra step beyond what abilities his magic gives him by learning everything he can about physiology, herbal and chemical medicines, anatomy, and illnesses and injuries of any kind. There is nothing he puts before his devotion to his goddess and his vow to her to help and heal anyone he comes across who is in need of help and healing, and that, at least, he knows will never change, no matter what else about him changes with his werewolf nature. 

Beyond loyalty and perseverance, Zzandoren has always been mild-mannered and polite, friendly despite his introverted nature. He never put himself forward or made a fuss unless it was absolutely necessary, and even then he has never been one to be unreasonable about his displeasure or forgo non-violent methods of persuasion and conflict resolution. He has always been perfectly capable of resorting to violence if he has to: he is well-trained in combat as a priest and has no problems being assertive when the needs of his patients-- past, present, or as yet unknown-- are at stake. In an emergency, he will quickly and easily give orders if there is no one else to do it. 

However, since being bitten, Zzandoren's assertiveness has taken a slightly more dominant turn, particularly when it comes to his unspoken "packmate" Rythri. His sense of providing guidance and even affection towards the young werewolf don't bother him, but as a man who has always considered himself rational and intelligent, he is disturbed by his increasing and instinctive tendency to growl, glare, snap, or even swat when he is not given proper respect or when he needs Rythri to do or stop doing something. The fact that Rythri seems to take such things in stride and accept them as the natural order doesn't help matters. 

History: Though he grew up on a very small highland farm, Zzandoren left it at a particularly early age. He wasn't the oldest child, or even the oldest son, and though his parents tried to keep him at home as long as they could to help with the farm, they didn't chase after him for all that long when he finally ran away. It was a rocky relationship to begin with, neither mother nor father having much patience for his quiet and day-dreaming ways, and they considered themselves probably better off without him in the end, just as he considered himself better off without them, in the end. 

Zzandoren was taken in at the first temple he found, a small but multi-deity establishment, first as a general help around the building and then as a novice when he began manifesting some magical ability a year or two after he arrived, with adolescence. He knew early on which deity he wanted to be his patron: the goddess of healing and music, Glace. He both studied diligently and pursued her faithfully until he was initiated, at thirty, into her priesthood and given the gold scales he wears in his hair. Rather than join an existing temple or even start his own, Zzandoren was restless and wanted to do as much good as possible, so he pledged himself to travel around the smaller villages and farmsteads, offering his services to those without a nearby temple. 

Since being bitten, he has continued on his path much the same as before, only with Rythri for company and assistance, and staying less time in each settlement. He lives in fear of his full-moon change, and what he might do when in that form. 

Abilities: As a priest of Glace, Zzandoren is primarily a healer. His skills are both magical and medicinal, and he is very knowledgeable about herbs, diseases, and physiology of a variety of species. His magic, though best and most effective at healing, is technically of general application, and he does know a wide variety of useful spells. Due to his length of time practicing, he does not need to make any gestures or use reagents for his magic, though he does need to speak a couple arcane words per spell. His carved staff is as much a memory tool as it is a useful weapon and support, with symbols and mnemonic devices etched and shaped into the wood itself. He has some training with weapons and combat, and he keeps himself relatively fit and in-practice despite not being very interested in fighting. 

As a werewolf, Zzandoren has shape-shifting abilities, limited to his normal "wolf" form and his monstrous "hunter" form, the former a willing and willful change and the latter a forced change with the full phase of Shinan-Al that, though resistible, is difficult to avoid. In wolf form he has greatly enhanced senses, though his sight is lacking in a few colors, and a slightly higher level of intelligence than a normal wolf, and in hunter form he is every bit as intelligent and cunning as a human, though without his sense of self and moral code. Even in human form, he has an above-average sense of smell and vision that is slightly improved in the dark and focused on motion. There are suggestions that he might still be able to work magic in both wolf forms, but so far he has not actively attempted to do so. 

Theme: Clannad, The Wild Cry


Zzandoren's Story

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