Name: Rythri Hyannaisi
Bond: Thonynde Mei'Dtande
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Homeworld: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows
Species: Anari-werewolf (shifter type)
Age at
38 (young adult / adolescent)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Very dark red, slightly curly, worn short but scraggly-looking
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Family: ?
Residence: Kynn, continent of Talma though sometimes moves continents; constantly traveling
Position: Ranger, hunter, assistant healer
Companions: Zzandoren Viore
Description: Tall and with a distinctly underfed look, Rythri looks a bit stretched out in build, like he ran out of additional mass and should have stopped growing a few inches ago. His skin is a warm brown, both naturally so and darkened further from the sun, and the contrast of his light brown, almost golden eyes is sharp. Though it's short, his dark auburn hair is scraggly and unkempt-looking, looking more tangled than curly except for the rare cases where he's forced to actually comb it. His face is long and pointed, with a small, narrow nose, equally narrow lips, and very tall, surprisingly flexible ears. Most of his clothing is serviceable but ragged and patched, and is all a bit baggy on his narrow frame. 

A good half of Rythri's time is spent not in the elfin anari body he was born with, but as a very, unusually tall, reddish-furred wolf. He stands three feet, ten inches at the shoulder, most of his height in his legs, leaving him narrow-chested and rangy-looking, with ears slightly too big for his long muzzle and almost delicate skull-shape. His pelt is of a middling weight, not entirely comfortable for extremely hot or cold weather, and though it is mostly brown and red, there is a gray ticking interspersed throughout that washes the color out. His eyes turn the true golden-amber of a normal wolf, though they do seem more watchful than those of a mere animal. 

Personality: Rythri is a very young thirty-eight. For a Kynnese anari, or elf, he ought to be well into young adulthood by now. However, mostly due to spending a lot of time since he was bitten as a wolf, Rythri is, in maturity and appearance, very much still an adolescent. He has a good heart, the type to be horrified by injustice and have difficulty accepting that sometimes things just aren't fair, but he can be impatient, impulsive, and overly idealistic, as well as mercurial in temperament. He is ferociously loyal, even over-protective, but is quick to back down if told to by whoever he is trying to protect-- provided they're a more dominant personality than he is, anyway. There is the definite ability to be jealous when whoever he is currently attached to gives their attention elsewhere, but again, he is quick to back off or be made to feel ashamed and apologetic for any unacceptable action. 

Both extremely introverted and hopefully attention-seeking, Rythri might not want a lot of friends and might loathe large gatherings of people, but he does not want to be alone, either. He accepts the wolf in him enough to recognize his yearning for a "pack", as it were. He knows that he is just as happy, if not happier, as a wolf than as a man, and accepts it as simply who he is when the two bleed into each other. Though he considers himself a step above true wolves, and thus cannot be properly submissive or even happy in a pack of them, he has no real drive to rise in "rank" in a werewolf hierarchy, and is both happy and relieved to have Zzandoren to give his loyalty and affection to, even if the priest is a "boring old man". Of two minds about expanding the pack via the dragons-- half of him ecstatic about the idea and half of him unsure of what that will do to their comfortable hierarchy and routine-- he's he's willing to do what it takes to save Zzandoren the torment of being caged, whether or not it makes him happier. He does hope things will work out and he winds up entirely happy with the turn of events, he is just naturally a bit of a pessimist and he puts his pack leader's happiness before his own. 

All in all, Rythri is at heart a good and caring person, but he is not done settling into who he will be for the rest of his life. There is flexibility due to his youth, his fairly recent shift from being a loner to having companions, and the very new situation of being thrust into such strange places as the Sanctuary of the Sun and, even stranger, Star City. With someone like Zzandoren as his unspoken but well-loved pack leader, however, there's little doubt in which direction he will finally solidify. 

History: Childhood for Rythri was about as normal as it could be for someone whose parents were happiest when on the move. He learned how to hunt and track from his parents, who were both trappers out to collect, tan, and then sell rare furs. Though they settled briefly during his youngest years, he was often left in the care of friends for weeks and months at a time while they pursued their trade. He was always assured that his parents loved him, and they treated him with affection when they were around and made sure he had his needs and many of his wants looked out for. Even so, there was still enough doubt that, when he was bitten at age fifteen, he tried to hide his new nature for as long as possible. He even managed to keep his secret for several years before he was discovered. 

Sadly, the rest of the small village his parents' cottage was on the outskirts of found out before his parents did, and as the villagers were more superstitious-- and didn't trust his family much, to begin with-- he was run off before he even had a chance to tell them, himself. After that, Rythri ran away in search of the wolf who'd turned him-- not a terribly difficult endeavor since the older werewolf actually hung around in an attempt to keep an eye on him, feeling guilty about the bite. He lived with his biter for another few years, but when a trapper much like his own parents killed him before he had a chance to change back, Rythri was on his own again. 

Since then, he spent most of his time in wolf form, with only a moment after each full phase of Iyan-Il and the occasional stumble into a town, craving company, as an anari. Now, with Zzandoren, his time is split about half-and-half, and he thinks he might actually be happy to keep things going the way they are, at least whenever Shinan-Al isn't full. 

Abilities: Nearly all of Rythri's abilities are physical in scope. He can hunt and track, trap, efficiently butcher and skin an animal, identify edible, poisonous, and valuable plantlife, and move quickly and quietly through a wooded area. He can hide particularly well and is an excellent climber. Due to his werewolf nature, he has an abnormally acute sense of smell, and he's always had very sharp hearing, aided by his large ears. When he actually has a bow and arrows-- he currently does not, to his occasional frustration-- he has very good aim. 

When the moon Iyan-Il is full, or whenever he wills it, Rythri can turn into a wolf. He is slightly larger and slightly more intelligent than a true wolf, and has the enhanced senses to go with the body, though he is incapable of seeing parts of the light spectrum-- specific colors-- in wolf form and does not possess true sentience or all of his anari memories. 

Theme: ?


Rythri's Story

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