Name: Thonynde Mei'Dtande
Bond: Rythri Hyannaisi
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Species: Venator callidus draconis, yautjadragon, Purge Type
Rank: Blooded
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Height: 16'2" at the shoulder (was 4'0" at hatching)
Hair: Black
Color: Mottled white
Eyes: Green
Parents: Dtande, father; other biopool donors unknown
Residence: Kynn, home of the Sanctuary of the Sun and Citadel of Shadows, continent of Talma though sometimes moves continents; constantly traveling
Position: Huntress
Cyborware: Major (hatchling, unused)
Companions: Zzandoren Viore, Ronan Mei'Lerlande
Personality: When she first bonded him, Thonynde, (Thonyn, per her hatchling name), kept the link between herself and Rythri tentative. He was far too feral for her tastes, and his submissive nature towards Zzandoren bothered and frustrated her-- though the fact that he seems perfectly capable of treating her as an equal mollified her somewhat. Now, though, he's grown up a bit, and so has she, and they've mostly accepted each other. After all, she can still tell he has a good heart behind all his wolfish inclinations. She still thinks he could show a little more maturity-- bantering and idle play now and then is one thing, and she doesn't mind banter or play to bolster the spirits, but dammit, he needs to shoulder some responsibility and stop being so lackadaisical about life. Though she doesn't see him leaping into battle alongside her at any point, she also thinks that he doesn't need to be a warrior to be a friend, who can watch her back from the background. 

Thonynde is a no-nonsense warrioress, the sort who listens to her head rather than her heart, but that doesn't make her cruel or antisocial. In fact, she can be quite friendly when she wants to, with a sardonic wit and a mature sense of humor, and prefers company to being alone. She's fairly content to be part of the "pack" and accept Zzandoren, peaceable and boring though he might be, as the one giving the bulk orders-- she actually gets along surprisingly well with the priest-- though the more instinctive aspects of werewolf behavior continue to grate on her sensible nature. When it gets to be too much, however, she has simply to check in with a sibling or a cousin, usually wandering Ronan, and take a much-needed break from their wolfish company, usually with an equally-much-needed hunting and evil-smiting spree involved. 

Abilities: Acid Immunity. Balefire Immunity. Corruption Immunity. Healing Powers. Huntermind Communication. Purification Powers. Telepathy. Teleportation.
Weapons: Hunting Mask, Wristblades, Shift-Suit, Smart-Disc, Plasmacaster (in armored image, see here for info on them)
Theme: ?


Adult Image (Armored)


Hatchling Image


Rythri's Story

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