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Name: Atisa Talake; Atisa ve Minova of the line of Talake
Bond: Jesmin Kiona
Candidate At: Valley of the Sky
Species: Fantasan: Avyndal
Homeworld: Pre'Mian
Age: Young adult
Sex: Female
Height: 9'7" at the shoulder; 5'7" human form
Color: "Cuddles" (pastel variants)
Eyes: Silvery green
Family: Cadenia Minova, mother; Lareni Talake, father; Arlen, "big brother"
Offspring: Rudae Talake, Vexisa Talake, Shazae Talake, Galae Talake, Anakelsa Talake
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: Laundress and sometimes assistant healer
Description: Coming soon....
Personality: Artisa's fondest ambition is to be a healer, but nothing seems to work out right when she tries to to medical things. She tends to make foolish mistakes, get distracted by daydreams, or forget things, so it is likely she will never get beyond apprentice level, always needing to be supervised. Her tendency to get easily excited-- and easily over-excited-- doesn't help, either.

In general, though, she is a wonderful person, friendly and supportive of her many friends, and very affectionate. Her favorite things are hugs and nuzzles, and she doles them out freely. Still, she tends to have runs of bad luck, many situations leading to attacks of panic and undue stress, and she can be a little gullible. She is very open-minded and accepting-- perhaps a little too open-minded and accepting, at times-- with a stubborn streak.

History: Normal enough for an Avyndal living at the Ring of Fire, Atisa's life story is fairly simple: she hatched from a communal clutch at the Ring of Fire, grew up in a very diverse locale, and now that she's grown, she does her part to keep the dragonry running. Someday she dreams of making a big difference in the world, saving someone's life or solving some unsolvable problem, but really, she isn't likely to go beyond making small differences in individual lives. Still, that is enough for the people around her, even though it may never seem like enough to her, and she has many friends.
Abilities: Atisa possesses small healing magic, the ability to sense spirits, and basic functional magic focused on purity and cleansing. She can, in fact, do the laundry with magic alone! She is knowledgeable about everyday things, like how to get a stain out of any type of cloth, how to quiet a crying baby, or what time of year is best for picking apples, but more esoteric knowledge goes right over her head. She can shapeshift, as all Avyndal can, into a bipedal and mostly human form. However, her horns, the tendril quality of her "hair", and her wings remain. 



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Star City

Cemitae Rufasilex (won, sort of)

Pre-Flight, Flight, Hatching


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