"Someday Prince Charming will come and sweep me away...! ... or Princess Charming, I'm not picky! ^^ "



Name: Jesmin Kiona
Bond: Atisa Talake
Hatched At: Valley of the Sky
Species: Half Avengaean Bonder Daemon (Type II), half Eastern Nazo
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female
Height: Medium: 8'3" at the shoulder, 40'8" long (was 2'1" tall, 10'9" long at hatching)
Color: Dark rainbow with red striping
Eyes: Red
Family: Multra Kiona, mother; Sereseno, father
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: None, yet
Personality: Like her bond, Jesmin is a sweet little thing. She loves life, loves people, and especially loves love. Someday, she's going to have the perfect boyfriend (or girlfriend; really, she's not picky at all) and be oh-so-happy, and until then, she's going to daydream and flirt like mad with everyone who'll play along. Really, though, it's mostly a game for her, as she has yet to even have a serious crush on anyone. She's likely to play the field for a while-- and probably get her heart broken once or twice-- before anything even remotely story-book-like comes along. 

In the meantime, Jesmin is being the perfect little helper around the Ring of Fire, wherever her bond happens to be. She is remarkably unselfish, and loves to help others, though sometimes she needs hints as to what to do to help. She loves her bond dearly, and actually looks up to her in many ways. Whether she'll continue to look up to her in the same way as she grows up remains to be seen. 

Abilities: Telepathy, verbal speech, color manipulation, teleportation


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Location Prospective Mate Stories

Star City

Cemitae Rufasilex (lost)

Pre-Flight, Flight, Hatching

The Twisted Fate Katulinith (lost) Pre-Flight, Flight, Hatching


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