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Name: Arlen Abresi; Arlen ve Evon of the line of Abresi
Bond: Kateni Li'Multigenus; Non'sle Gredelle
Bonded At: Abstract Destiny; Ihlathi
Species: Fantasan: Avyndal-Dysiniu cross
Homeworld: Pre'Mian
Age: Young adult
Sex: Male
Height: 7'7" at the shoulder; 5'9" human form
Color: Shadow
Eyes: Wraith gold
Family: Soraya Evon, Avyndal mother; Nien Abresi, Dysiniu father; Atisa, "little sister"
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: Chef and occasional wraith hunter
Description: Anyone who looks at Arlen and is familiar with Fantasan dragons can tell immediately that he has Dysiniu blood in him, despite his obviously Avyndal form, because of his coloration. He is pitch black all over, with only slightly paler wings and horns, with eyes of the distinctive wraith gold. He is rather small for an Avyndal, and slightly large for a Dysiniu, and his build is wiry rather than strong. 

In human form, Arlen is colored exactly the same, and it really is impossible for anyone to actually think him human. His ears jut out sideways from his head, pointed and obvious to anyone, and he retains ethereal wings, like a pair of shadows that hover over his shoulders. As if to contrast his dark skin and hair, he wears bright-colored clothing, preferable white and yellow. 

Personality: Quiet, even creepy to some in how quiet he can be, Arlen is just as obviously half Dysiniu in personality as he is in color. He feels strongly and deeply, but doesn't often express his feelings, tending towards small smiles, quiet speech, and subdued body language. Even so, he has a good heart, and he means well. He is very protective of those he considers weaker or less capable than he is, and can sometimes be over-protective, particularly having difficulty when those he has looked after come into their own and no longer need him. It is as if he takes part of his self-worth from helping select others, and if those others do not need him, he feels adrift. He would never actually tell any of his so-called charges what their independence does to him, because he's well aware that such things are healthy, but he can't seem to help feeling it.

Perhaps in part due to his Dysiniu parentage, though probably just because that is just how he is, Arlen has some strange tastes, habits, and hobbies. For example, he is fascinated with the occult, darker aspects of magic-- though never harmful aspects-- whether they are gifts he has or not. He is quite knowledgeable about things like the undead, planar creatures, and omen-based divination, and when not working in the Ring of Fire's kitchens, or at one of the various restaurants he occasionally cooks for in Phoenix Rose, he likes to spend his time hunting the hungry wraiths that stalk Pre'Mian's forest. He's even been known to hire himself out as a guard against them.

And, of course, the confounding trait that seems to counter all the others: he loves food. Whether cooking, eating, or serving it, he simply delights in different flavors, aromas, and satisfied smiles of those tasting his creations. Usually his first means of getting someone to trust him is to feed them.

History: Arlen has a fairly simple history, with no major traumas, no amazing successes, and no spectacular failures. He was hatched as part of an Avyndal communal clutch, but didn't bond. Despite his mixed heritage, because he grew up at the Ring of Fire amidst a wide variety of mixed-heritage dragons, he was largely accepted, though he is aware that he have been, in other places. In some ways, he considers himself lucky, but on the whole he doesn't worry about it.

Once Arlen had grown up a healthy individual, though with some odd quirks such as his fascination with the occult and the undead, and it became obvious that the Ring of Fire was to always be his home, his parents, who had never intended to stay forever, said their farewells and left him amongst friends. He still is very close to his few friends, and he considers a few among those few to be family, particularly his "sister" Atisa. Little Atisa, though not actually related to him, was a clutch-mate, and as such, he looks at her like a little sister, and is quite protective of her.

Abilities: Obviously, as a partial wraith, Arlen can communicate with them, and his shadow magic gives him some level of control over them, as well as other shadow-related skills. His spirit magic is less prolific: he can heal small to moderate wounds and hear and see spirits, but not much else. He has rudimentary psionic abilities, largely telekinetic rather than telepathic, and few physical abilities besides being able to move in the woods easily and stalk a little. And, to the surprise of many, he is a darn good cook!


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