Kateni Li'Multigenus



Name: Kateni Li'Multigenus
Bond: Arlen Abresi
Bonded At: Abstract Destiny
Species: Undead hybrid: Old-World, Whorling, Wris'Talora, Wynd of Mythos
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 26'9" at the head (was 2'4" at the head at hatching)
Color: Starry Blue-Purple
Eye Glow: Blue
Parents: Lazulith, Altered Old World; Kenedi, Whorling; Jahil'kafar, Wris'Talora; Regaurd as Murder, Wynd of Mythos
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: None, yet
Personality: In a word, Kateni is obvious. There's nothing at all subtle about the way he speaks or acts, and all his emotions are freely readable, if not on his face-- which, after all, is not particularly expressive-- then in his tone and body-language. He is, as such, an incapable liar, but neither does he try. Rather, he's honest to a fault, which might be a positive trait, but he possesses an arrogance and certainty that he is always in the right that makes his bluntness not as forgivable as it might be were he meek and unassuming. Nevertheless, there is still a certain something to him-- perhaps a good heart, perhaps loyalty or optimism, or perhaps just simply charisma-- that makes him almost irresistible, at least to those who aren't put off by his looks and the fact that he's technically dead. 
Abilities: Kateni's species abilities, inherited from his multiple parents, include a fire breath weapon, the ability to control whether his personal flames actually burn anyone or anything, telepathy and verbal speech, wingless flight-- given he has no membranes to his bony wings-- and the ability to soul bond rather than simply mental bond. Through that soul bond with Arlen, Kateni shares the ability to manipulate shadows and the ability to shift into a humanoid form. Like Arlen, Kateni's humanoid form isn't mistakable for a true human form: though his limbs and head solidify and flesh over, his skin is bone-white. He retains his skeletal wings, horns, and light-orb eyes, and his arms and neck are still wreathed in flame, even on top of whatever clothes he might be wearing. Often for that very reason, Kateni tends to wear sleeveless tunics whenever he can get away with it, for though he can choose not to burn his clothes, it looks funny-- and there are always accidents. 


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Location Chasing Story

Valley of the Sky

Xe Hound

None, lost flight

The FlammaAqua Frenzy Penumbra None; Taen, son


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