"That's, like, some amazing music!"



Name: Penumbra
Meaning: "The partial shadow surrounding a complete shadow, as in an eclipse"
Bond: ?
Candidate at: ?
From: Chaos of Color Clutches, drawn by Myrror at the Edge of Shadows
Species: Mutt: half draconic whorling, half Silshar
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Height: 15'1", 44'10" long
Color: Blue-marked Black
Father: Akheron
Mother: Euphonious
Brother: Inumbrate
Residence: Star City
Position: Musician in an all-dragon rock band
Personality: Judging from looks, one might think Penumbra wise, or philosophical, or at least quiet. That isn't at all the case. Judging from personality, one would actually expect to see someone like Penumbra to be in the crowds of a pop concert, screaming at the top of her lungs, and playing groupie to the band with a crush on the lead singer, who would never in a million years even look at her. She's silly and naive, innocent to the point of ignorance, follows fashion fads and celebrity breakups with a passion, and loves to shop. 

Instead of fitting the niche one would expect for her, given her... er... bubbly personality, Penumbra is actually one of the ones in the band. She does backup vocals and plays the keyboards, and she has tons of adoring fans, all on her own, none of whom know what she's really like. Then again, since she's pretty, plays well, and has a lovely singing voice, they might not care that she has the brains of a rabbit. On the whole, she has a good heart, she just doesn't seem to realize what's really important in life, and doesn't really have the attention span to spare on it, anyway. The most important things, to her, are looking good, being happy, and her music-- which, to her credit, she does work hard on.  

Abilities: Invisibility, intangibility (mane/fur becomes misty), verbal speech, telepathy, see the invisible




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