"Happiness is what you make it. I prefer to make it musical."



Name: Inumbrate
Meaning: To shade, to darken
Bond: ?
Candidate at: ?
From: Chaos of Color Clutches, drawn by Myrror at the Edge of Shadows
Species: Mutt: half draconic whorling, half Silshar
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 15'3", 45'1" long
Color: Copper Brown-marked Black
Father: Akheron
Mother: Euphonious
Sister: Penumbra
Residence: Star City
Position: Musician in an all-dragon rock band; works in dragonic cyborware retail on the side
Personality: Inumbrate is a "good-boy" in many senses of the word: he's kind, he's well-behaved, he's respectful, he's easy-going. He's the type to help little old ladies across the street and get a pat on the cheek in return, return a wallet full of undifferentiated credits to its owner without taking a single cent, or offer to take someone else's shift at work so they can look after their sick child-- and then, after work, show up with a pot of chicken noodle soup for said child. All in all, he's just a nice guy. 

He really doesn't seem the type to get up on a stage with a microphone and sing-- or, at times, scream-- into it, and yet, he does. That's really the only thing he gets passionate about: music. He doesn't have the angst for actually writing much, being well-adjusted and generally content, so he mostly sticks to singing, aside from the occasional love ballad. Even then, though, since he has yet to have a relationship last more than a month, he hasn't had a lot of experience to draw from there, either! 

Abilities: Invisibility, intangibility (mane/fur becomes misty), verbal speech, telepathy, see the invisible







Sanctuary of the Sun

Goywuy Chaestyriargue

Flight; Hatching