Taen Li'Multigenus



Name: Taen Li'Multigenus
Bond: ?
Hatched At: The FlammaAqua Frenzy
Species: Undead mutt: 1/8 Old-World, 1/8 Wris'Talora, 1/8 Wynd of Mythos, 3/8 whorling, 1/4 Silshar dragon
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 21'0" at the shoulder
Color: Zappy-marked starry silver
Eye Glow: Yellow
Parents: Kateni Li'Multigenus, father and sponsor; Penumbra, mother
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: None, yet
Personality: Taen is a playful and almost cuddly dragon. He loves to play the part of a fluffy kit and curl up in someone's lap, or put his head in someone's lap when he gets too big to be a lap-sitter, though most don't really think that he fits the part and don't want him anywhere near them, much less in their lap. Taen is undaunted and, in fact, like with cats, those that try to stop him often find themselves to be the center of Taen's attention. He is a nice dragon when it comes down to it... though not particularly attuned to what is going on around him. In this way, Taen will often find himself doing things that might be seen as questionable for people who he thinks are his friends. He, like his father, is an honest creature, though more by choice than by nature. He loves his father and mother, and does his best to be close to both of them, even though it means traveling a lot and dealing with his somewhat air-headed mother. 
Abilities: Breath weapon (fire), telepathy, verbal speech, invisibility, intangibility, personal flame control, undead-ness (it's an ability, shut up >.> )



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