Non'sle Gredelle



Name: Non'sle Gredelle
Bond: Arlen Abresi
From: Ihlathi
Species: Half Henne'lel (Water Elemental), one eighth whorling, one eighth AAM Beast, one quarter various mixed breeds, including SCD mutt and True Chaotic
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 15'9" at the shoulder
Color: Dark blue marked with lighter blues
Eyes: Dark blue
Parents: Cran Gredelle, father; Zein-mui, mother
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: None, yet
Personality: Though telepathy isn't actually one of Non'sle's abilities, he has the uncanny ability to gauge and understand others' emotions. The feeling is vague in most instances, but Non'sle can sense the moods of his bond Arlen and co-bond Kateni very clearly, perhaps because he spends so much time in their presence and, of course, he's bonded to one and partially bonded to the other! He works and lives by these feelings, always trying to make sure that his new family is happy. Because of this, and despite his strong Henne'lel heritage, Non'sle acts very dependent on his bond-- assuming that that is what the other dragon continues to need. Actually, whatever it is he thinks needs doing, Non'sle will do whatever he can to do it, having inherited a measure of his father's obsessive nature. 

Of course, this dragon is not only concerned with his bonds: Non'sle is very social and loves being around people, doing whatever he can to make them happy, as well, as long as it doesn't interfere with Arlen and Kateni's happiness. Living for others is what makes him happy. He can, in fact, be very loose, and he loves parties-- and talking, in general, which often leaves quiet Arlen non-plussed and wondering just how he attached such a chatty bond. Given that he trusts others without question until they've proved themselves untrustworthy, he will tell anyone anything, whether or not it's supposed to be secret, important, or privileged. 

Abilities: Non'sle's favorite ability is his shape-shifting: his shifting power is unlimited, and he can change into anything he pleases regardless of size, shape, coloration, or even gender-- though he does prefer the male gender, and tends to avoid anything sexual or even flirtatious when in a female form. He is not telepathic, communicating strictly verbally, and his "empathy" is more powerful powers of observation and a highly intuitive nature which is far more often right than wrong, when it comes to people's feelings. Magically, he has power over water in all its forms, though he cannot create or destroy it, merely manipulate it. 



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