"I made you breakfast!"



Name: Jesmin Kiona
Sponsor: Atisa Talake
Hatched At: Star City
Species: Half Avengaean Piralan Asandus, half avyndal
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: Medium: 13'1" at the shoulder
Color: Pastel brown with green
Eyes: Yellow
Family: Atisa Talake, mother; Cemitae Rufasilex, father
Residence: The Ring of Fire
Position: Apprentice cook
Personality: Charming but shy, Rudae has a hard time balancing introverted and extroverted tendencies. He tends to do best with acquaintances: to talk and joke with them, for instance, but neglecting to get in contact with them if they want to meet him again. That doesn't mean friends aren't important to him, he just doesn't tend to make the effort. His mothers in particular-- he looks at Jesmin as, as much of a mother as Atisa, though he doesn't actually call her mother-- are very important to him. Also, he rather quickly developed a great love for the culinary arts, and if Atisa and Jez' don't look out, they'll be receiving breakfast-in-bed whether or not he's learned the difference between glue and pancakes! 
Abilities: Healing Magic, Psionics (Telepathy, Telekinesis), Shapeshifting (Dragon-Asandus Human Spectrum), Cleansing Magic
Cyborware: Two moderate tokens (unused)



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