::It's time to pull myself together and get on with my life.::



Name: Timande Mei'Rhakarndi
Bond: Raesun Mei'Dtande
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Former Bond: Joqout Kasim
Bonded at: The Genesis Clutch, hosted by Star City Dragonry
Homeworld: The Abstract Destiny
Species: Venator callidus draconis, or Yautjadragon; rank: Blooded
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: 16'10" tall (was 3'11" at hatching)
Color: Brown-mottled gray
Wings: Brown
Eyes: Green
Residence: Star City, the Abstract Destiny
Occupation: Warrior
Personality: According to this dragon, it's time for Joqout to get out of his slump and shape up, because Timande simply won't stand for shirking, waste, and worst of all, cowardice. This fellow is going act like nothing less than Joqout's new drill sergeant, barking orders and demands and showing no sympathy in order to get the larger dragon moving. Disgusted with how Joqout's amazing battle-skills are going to waste, Timande will either get Joqout to accept them, be proud of them, and use them in battle against evil, or he'll abandon the Solistien without a second thought. (written largely by Phoenix)

Personally, though he is rough, stubborn, and seemingly incapable of understanding that there are gray areas in life, Timande is not a bad person. Quite the opposite: he is honorable and, to an extent, chivalrous, especially towards those weaker than him. If he were labeled with an alignment, it would be lawful good: he's a stick in the mud, and he seems incapable of changing, but he knows the law, knows the spirit of the law, and he will enforce it. In some ways, he can be like a protective knight, only without any of the polish of nobility. You see, that chivalry does not usually extend to his words and tone, for though he will protect the weak, he also can be openly scornful of any waste of potential he might see. He's the type to be as rude as need be, in order to get a job done-- and done well-- and not care who he offends in the process, as long as they stay alive and well to be offended. 

Should he ever fail in a mission, should anyone entrusted to him be killed or wounded badly, Timande would be both horrified and devastated. He would be unlikely to let anyone know he suffered such weakness, however, even his own bond-- particularly since he has little enough respect for Joqout, anyway, and would hate to lose face to him. All this knowledge of himself means, though, is that he intends to never fail. It is a rather high expectation he sets himself, but because he is in the right, surely he will have no problems reaching it. Should anyone else fail him, however, he will show no mercy in words or actions towards them. 

Abilities: Telepathy, teleportation, huntermind communication, and acid immunity. Trained in a multitude of battle styles and weaponry, able to use telepathy as a weapon in a somewhat crude manner (such as, for example, a simple mind-blast to distract, disorient, or even knock-unconscious), and gifted with the equipment of a Blooded warrior. 
Weaponry: Hunting Mask, Wristblades, Shift-Suit, Smart-Disc, Plasmacaster (in image, see here for info on them); large, curved, large-bladed weapon, wielded with one or two hands in close combat (similar to a Klingon batleth, pictured here)


Timande's Story

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