::This isn't the point where I call you pathetic-- though I'd appreciate it if you'd return the favor.::



Name: Raesunde Mei'Dtande
Bond: Timande Mei'Rhakarndi
Bonded At: The Abstract Destiny, Genesis Two
Homeworld: The Abstract Destiny
Species: Venator callidus draconis, or Yautjadragon, Purge Type; rank: Blooded
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: 14'11" at the shoulder (was 4'0" at hatching)
Color: Speckled cream
Wings: Gold
Eyes: Green
Residence: Star City, the Abstract Destiny
Occupation: Warrior-in-training
Cyborware: Major (hatchling, unused)

All things told, Raesunde (or Raesun, as he was called at hatching) likes his bond, in a quietly affectionate fashion, and looks forward to being an actual partner instead of just a protege, and a Blooded, as well, to make the older yautjadragon him proud and to go on plenty of adventures. He doesn't much like being thought of as frightening, unless it's evil he's striking fear into the hearts of, and he's generally friendly and even laid-back in his social interactions. He doesn't mind so much being ordered around by his bond, but his sense of humor is such that he takes more amusement in being just a little off from what Timande wants him to do. Timande is endlessly frustrated by the little bit of mischievousness he is treated with... but it is a fond frustration, as well, for he has been blessed by a good student this time around. 

Raesunde is doggedly persistent when it comes to getting things done, regardless of whatever the task may be. He's bound and determined to master every single one of his abilities, whether healing is really suited to his nature or not-- though it is not terribly ill-suited, either. He never says never, and is the sort to be amused by that ironic wording of it, too. He's a quiet but caring soul, preferring to speak with actions rather than words; he can be oddly physically affectionate for a warrior, in fact, using touch to communicate caring, concern, or comfort more than the spoken word. But when he does speak, don't be surprised if it's with a wry or sardonic twist of humor. Smart-aleck? Maybe a little. But he never settles for giving less than his all, no matter what he's doing, so at least Timande won't be able to complain about his enthusiasm or motivation. 

Abilities: Acid Immunity. Balefire Immunity. Corruption Immunity. Healing Powers. Huntermind Communication. Purification Powers. Telepathy. Teleportation.
Weaponry: Hunting Mask, Wristblades, Shift-Suit, Smart-Disc, Plasmacaster (in image, see here for info on them)


Timande's Story

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