"Compromise is what I do best. Provided the other person is willing to do so...."



Name: Joqout Kasim (jo-KWO ka-SEEM)
Bonds: Timande (former bond) and Metohael
Partner: Valdis, from Lantessama's Sword and Dagger Clutch
Bonded at: The Genesis Clutch, hosted by Star City Dragonry, and Edge of Shadows
Homeworld: Temesu-riel in Fantasa, a gift from Silver Midnight at the Ring of Fire
Species: Solistien (Legend dragon)
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: 21'8" at the shoulder
Color: Brown
Plating: Sandy brown and cream
Eyes: Green
Residence: Star City Station
Occupation: Novice Priest, and now, apparently, warrior
Description: Joqout is a burly fellow, strongly built and well-muscled through constant training. His scales are a burnished, earthy brown, kept meticulously clean-- except directly after a workout or a playful tussle with a friend, in which case he is likely on his way to get clean-- and with a healthy sort of glow. The heavy plating on his underside is a dustier color, the lighter plating on his legs a paler cream. He has a bony, chocolate brown crest running down his neck from between his horns, and a spade of the same on the tip of his tail. Beneath his pale brow-ridges are friendly, forest green, vertical-slitted eyes.

Like many Fantasan dragons, Solistien dragons can shape-shift to a mild extent, into a much smaller, bipedal form: human, after a fashion. Joqout is no different, and though no one would guess him actually human, sometimes it does help him fit in better in non-dragonoid communities should he find himself in one. His human(oid) form is just as burly as his dragon form, albeit smaller and ultimately less indestructible-looking. His skin is the same warm brown as his scales, and he retains the cream plating on his arms and legs-- as well as his spaded tail and finned ears.

Personality: No one would ever take offense at thing Joqout ever said: he is simply that kind and friendly a dragon that he would never do anything to offend! He dislikes arguing, is quick to compromise or mediate a compromise between others, is careful never to insult another, and avoids gossip. All in all, a pretty peaceable fellow-- because he makes a concerted effort to be!

For, while he is generally a peaceable fellow, Joqout has the temper of a berserker, and that is the one thing he can't stand about himself. In his mind, the commendable traits of easy-going, understanding, and caring-- all of which he can also apply to himself-- just don't seem to go with a tendency to forget himself in battle and go on a killing spree. Thus, for the most part of his life, he has avoided battles entirely in the most thorough manner possible: by devoting himself to his tribe's priesthood.

His aversion to actual battle, however, doesn't change the fact that he is a very physical sort of dragon. It certainly doesn't stop him from testing himself physically, or honing his body; in fact, he spends a lot of his time strengthening himself, improving his fitness and abilities, though in an almost completely solitary way, refusing under almost all conditions to spar with another, just in case. No matter, though, should he actually want to fight, for any reason, he it certainly, physically, ready to do so!

History: Joqout's story is, sadly, a somewhat typical one: family dead, home destroyed, some distant enemy to be defeated, revenge earned, etc etc, so on and so forth. His has a twist, at least, in that though he did return from his "quest" to avenge his family victorious, but he hates himself for doing so. After all, in order to take revenge on the Ignius clan dragons who destroyed his home and killed his family, he had to kill them-- and to kill them, he had to go berserk. Which he did. All of his physical training, though never meant to be used in earnest, took over when the rage did, and few of the pack of marauders escaped his surprise attack.

Afterwards, Joqout was found wandering aimlessly, half-starved and still bloody, by the nearest Solistien pack. They took him in, but he wasn't very good company, or particularly useful. It wasn't that he was rude or difficult, he was just constantly brooding and withdrawn, and seemed to forget about tasks he had been assigned. He was consumed with emotions that would singularly be quite enough for the stolid, peaceably dragon to handle-- grief, guilt, remorse, self-loathing, all those wonderful angsty emotions. Even if those Ignius dragons killed his family and the rest of their village, he told himself, they still deserved the chance to live and change their ways!

Attempts at snapping him out of his funk failed, but his new village didn't despair of him entirely-- they just got rid of him, letting someone else deal with him! That someone else turned out to be a second-cousin living not only on a different planet, but in a different universe altogether: Dasque, a violet Solistien living on Star City above the planet Atu, quite outside the realm of Fantasa. He seemed a perfect case for the help-loving Dasque, and help Dasque did! He signed his cousin up for community service left and right, trying to boost the depressed dragon's self-image; he offered books of various types to try and help him through his problems; he played friendly, sympathetic ear no matter how often and how long Joqout decided to pour out his misery-- which, really, wasn't all that often.

What Dasque couldn't do through gentleness-- bring him entirely out of his depression-- Joqout found a bond to do, instead... only through constant badgering, attacks, and sheer stubbornness! Timan, bonded at the first-ever genetically engineered clutch at Star City, decided to whip his newly chosen into shape, and for the past two years, has done his level best to do so. As testing at the hands of his creator approached, the young dragon and Joqout have at least begun to learn how to get along-- even if they can't yet agree on many things. 

Once the testing was over with, Timan-- now Timande, with an honorific syllable attached to his given name-- was a full Blooded Warrior, with gifts of weaponry and armor worthy of that rank and his skill. And the first thing on his mind is hunting down evil and dealing with it. Unfortunately, a botched strike at a band if Ignius dragons, upon returning to Joqout's homeworld, resulted in a fight that split the bonded pair. Now, Joqout has been joined by the small dagger dragon Metohael, and the glaive-wielding Valdis, while Timande continues his hunt alone. 

Abilities: Joqout's abilities are almost entirely physical: he is strong, he is quick, and he is agile despite his bulk. In short, he is perfectly suited for the battle he so abhors. His battle-rage-- the ability to go berserk and perform at a higher level, ignore pain and weariness, and be immune to fear and other mind spells-- is a powerful ability, but one he tries not to use. Magically, he has no power whatsoever besides the simple, partial shape-shifting nearly all Fantasan dragons share. Psionically, he has the ability to project his thoughts telepathically and has the raw mental strength to use this as a weapon, should he choose to, but that's all.


Joqout's Story

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