"Oh! Oh! A fight! A fight! Let me play, too!"



Name: Metohael
Bond: Joqout Kasim
Homeworld: Edge of Shadows
Species: Dagger Dragon
Age: Young adult
Sex: Female
Size: 1'3" at the shoulder, 2'1" long nose to tail-tip
Color: Silver
Jewel Color: Purple
Mane: Bright green
Eyes: Bright green
Residence: None, yet
Occupation: Fighter and... well... weapon!
Description: Isn't Metohael just the cutest little thing you ever saw? At least, she is until she shifts forms! She's small, for a dragon: tiny, really, not any bigger than a mid-sized dog, if a dog happened to be bipedal, or a very large bird. Her body is metallic and silvered, a pale white-silver that is highly reflected when well-polished-- though she does tarnish easily, making whoever looks after her quite glad she's small and not in need of that much polishing!-- and studded with blue-violet gems of indeterminate type. A vibrantly green mane runs from the poof between her ears all the way down between her wings and nearly to the end of her tail, and two little, white horns poke up above eyes every bit as green as her mane. Her silver claws are short, stubby, and butter-soft as a hatchling's. All in all: the cutest dragon on two feet.

Then she changed shapes, growing suddenly longer, darker, infinitely more deadly-- and suddenly not cute at all. In her weapon-form, Metohael is remarkably uncute. She becomes a halberd: five-foot-long, black-wood pole, cored with lead and weighted with a mace-like club at the foot to balance the wicked, curved blade of shining steel at the top. Her silver becomes merely threads in the mace and simple bands and coils of decoration just below the blade and above the mace, her multitude of jewels become one faceted stone at the base of the blade and another capping the mace, and her green mane a simple ribbon tied below the blade. Cute, she is not; well-crafted, well-balanced, and perhaps with a touch of grace, perhaps, but there is nothing about her that is anything less than deadly-- and it is impossible to think otherwise.

Personality: Sweet, smiling, cuddly, cheerful, and innocent-- what else would such a small, cute little dragon be? Oddly enough, she is sweet, smiling, cuddly, and cheerful-- though her innocence is more of a kind of naivete and idealism, rather than true, open trust and faith. Metohael is a very friendly, easy-going dragoness, with a disarming smile and an optimistic outlook on life. So, it is something of a surprise to anyone who knows her that, when presented with a battle or a right to wrong, she can be as fanatical as a xenodragon fighting for a hive, and as bloodthirsty as a beast from Arx Axtra Mons.
Abilities: Aside from the usual telepathy that all dragons seem to share, Metohael can speak verbally and breathe fire-- though, admittedly, not much, given how tiny she is! That particular talent really isn't good for much besides startling people, putting someone's hair or clothes alight, and making sure she and whoever she travels with has a comfortable campfire or flame in the fireplace. Whenever she chooses her bond, she will be able to grant to him or her the powers of teleportation, hypnotic suggestion, and chameleon, or the ability to appear as part of the environment.


Metohael's Story

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