"We seem to be two of a kind, you and I."



Name: Valdis
Partner: Joqout Kasim
Joined: After Abandonment
Homeworld: Lantessama, Sword and Dagger Clutch
Species: Halloween Sword and Dagger Dragon
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: 6'1" tall
Color: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Residence: Currently none
Occupation: Mercenary
Personality: Not much for conversation under most circumstances, Valdis doesn't speak any more than she has to to get by, with a minimum of politeness. With friends she can be more verbose, and may even crack a smile or unbend to laugh, but at the moment, she doesn't have any friends, so it has been a long time since she's done either. Though she usually avoids alcohol, the rare indulgence can also cause her to unwind: she is, above all, a happy drunk. When on a long job, she has been known to grow companionable with her fellow mercenaries, though never so much that anyone would mistake her for "soft". There is nothing "soft" about Valdis. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of her personality is Valdis's deep and abiding love of battle-- the power and grace, the thrill and the danger, the attack and the defense, all of it. It is not only her best talent, and not only what she was hatched expecting to do, but also what helped her through her grief and fury at the death of her first bond. At the same time, she has enough moral strength not to go on wild rampages just for the fun of it and enough common sense to put her love to work earning her money. On the whole, she is very practical, a woman of action with little use for deep thought and introspection, and she is always straight-forward and honest in all she does-- though she does have a temper, and a formidable one. When she unleashes her considerable fury and will-power, she is all but untouchable. 

Perhaps an odd quirk, Valdis dislikes clothing, despite being as obviously female as any human. Whenever possible, she discards it entirely, only deigning to don it when in very public places, among people with whom it would be a distraction to go without. In battle, in fact, she prefers to be completely nude, with little more than her hair and occasionally war paint to protect her body from an enemy's blade. 

Abilities: Telepathy, teleportation, flight, mild regeneration
Weaponry: Glaive and temper!


Joqout and Valdis's Story

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