Well, they're never gonna get me-- like a bullet through a flock of doves!


Name: Chet (no last name known)
Bonds: Kinris and Anawen
Bonded At: Citadel of Shadows
Homeworld: Star City/Nexus universe
Species: Genetically engineered human
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Red-brown
Skin: Average
Eyes: Brown
Family: None
Residence: Currently none
Position: Escaped convict
Companion: Kiyva
Description: Chet is small, wiry, and lightly built, easy to underestimate. If someone had created the perfect face for a human thief, it would be Chet's: she simply looks average, aside from her small size and the difficulty in telling whether she's a man or a woman-- or a girl or a boy, as she can easily pass for either fourteen or forty. Strangely androgynous but at the same time relatively forgettable, she certainly isn't pretty, but neither is she ugly, as that would be memorable. She has short, red-brown hair, often hidden under a cap and usually flopping in her eyes, which are also brown eyes. Her clothes are usually just a little ragged, unless she's recently managed to steal something nicer. The most memorable thing about her is her smile, which has a hint of something dark and devious about it.
Personality: Though she is highly intelligent, Chet is both spontaneous and uninhibited, which makes her seem simple and even a little childlike. Still, she's difficult to fool, being highly observant, and has a highly accurate memory to go with it, especially when it comes to sense-memory. At the same time, though, she's also a little vain and quite susceptible to flattery and charm if it's done right. She has little in the way of self control, a sensual nature, and an addiction to killing. Blood-spilling, violence, and death are things she loves, and indulged in them frequently, whether out of temper, excitement, boredom, or even because of the art of it.

Thankfully, she's also extremely loyal to her crime partner Kiyva, and Kiyva acts as a check on her more violent tendencies. She can be quite possessive of her, and should the opportunity ever crop up, probably jealous of anyone else's claims on her affections. She'd do nearly anything for her tall companion, and has total faith in her, in an almost childlike manner. When Kiyva tells her to stop, to let someone live, usually she does. Not even Kiyva can stop her when she's killing out of pure anger, however, especially if that anger is defensive or protective of Kiyva herself. Of the two of them, Chet is the one with ideas and motivation.

History: Coming soon....
Abilities: Give Chet a weapon-- any weapon-- and she's a genius. Guns, blades, arrows, even a length of wood can be deadly, and she keeps herself in peak physical condition at all times in order to make the most of instinctive weaponry skill, and she certainly isn't above practicing to be even better. Take away the weapon, though, and she's relatively useless in a fight except for her ability to size up a situation in a heartbeat and to find something that could be used as a weapon.

She has the ability to regenerate from wounds in about half the time necessary, but this won't save her from a fatal wound or a wound which would bleed her to death in a short amount of time. However, it does keep her safe from all kinds of infections from wounds, and she has never to her knowledge been sick. She is largely resistant to manipulative psionics and magic, though not other kinds of magic or psionics, and though she has no psionic skill of her own to speak of besides very weak telepathy, she has the uncanny knack of knowing what her partner Kiyva is thinking. Whether this is from a low-level link between them, or simply from spending most of their lives together, is unknown. 

Theme: My Chemical Romance, You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison


Chet's Story

Rated R for violence, strong language, and sexual innuendo

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

First Hatching


Quote borrowed from My Chemical Romance's You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison