... a servant to lick the stains away.



Name: Anawen
Bond: Chet
Co-Bond: Kinris
Hatched At: Citadel of Shadows
Homeworld: Kynn
Species: Dragon mutt
Age: Hatchling
Sex: Female
Height: ??
Color: Green-brown
Rank: Medium
Family: Mordekai, father; Kailaveth, mother; Kinris, sister and queen
Residence: Currently none
Position: Currently none
Personality: Timid and subservient, Anawen is easily led by someone bolder than she is-- which is nearly everyone. Even those who she technically outranks, she cannot bear to bother or question. Her sister Kinris is one of the first who she looks to for guidance, and her bond Chet another, but she'll take orders from just about anyone unless she has been told not to or she knows those orders are against her sister or bond's best interests. It doesn't take much to make her happy: a little praise goes a long way. Given that neither sister nor bond are particularly effusive in their praise, she mostly gives off a somewhat melancholy air, but she is far too loyal to ever complain. 
Abilities: Breath Weapon (Fire); Fast Healing; Telekinesis; Telepathy; Teleportation; Flight
Theme: ??


Chet's Story

Rated R for violence, strong language, and sexual innuendo

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First Hatching