Wage this war against your faith in me.


Name: Kiyva (no last name known)
Bond: ?
Candidate At: Citadel of Shadows
Homeworld: Star City/Nexus universe
Species: Genetically engineered human
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Dirty blonde, cut very short
Skin: Average
Eyes: Green-brown
Family: None
Residence: Currently none
Position: Escaped convict
Companion: Chet
Description: Contrasting to her partner in crime, Kiyva is big and tough-looking, though she is not particularly muscular, instead merely strongly built with meaty hands and thick legs. She has an oddly androgynous face, and if she troubled herself to bind her breasts flat, she could probably pass for a man. Her hair is dirty-blonde and very short, the cut ragged and a little spiky as if from intent rather than ineptness, and her eyes are a murky hazel.
Personality: On the whole, Kiyva is calm and easy-going, with a lazy sense of humor and a generally accepting nature. Still, she can have a temper, it just takes a lot to rouse it. Like Chet, she is very intelligent, but she is lacking in the same observation skills, so is rather gullible and not very good in social situations. Her intelligence is very hands-on and physical rather than intellectual or visual, though she has surprised people in the past with her more esoteric knowledge. Her memory is impeccable, particularly with facts and trivia.

Though she is extremely loyal to Chet, there are some things about her she doesn't like. No one's perfect, after all. The worst of them, to Kiyva's mind, is the love of blood and death. Kiyva might not be particularly moral-- she's a straight neutral, with nothing against theft or threatening to get things done or to get by, herself-- but she dislikes killing on principle. It seems so final, to her. Still, despite that, she finds Chet charming and, oddly since Chet is the weapons expert, in need of protection, and would never willingly leave her. Of the two of them, Kiyva is the one likely to get things done, but only after someone else has convinced her they need doing.

History: Coming soon....
Abilities: Put Kiyva in front of a computer or in the pilot's seat of a ship, and she's a genius-- perhaps so much as to be called a technopath. She has an instinctive but at the same time finely skilled, practiced, and honed ability to understand circuits, data, and complicated machinery. A few seconds is enough to rewire a control panel, or to know the extreme limits of a space vessel, or to unencrypt a packet of computer data. She is programmer and mechanic alike, though she prefers the hands-on work of a mechanic. She isn't much use in a fight except in sheer size and untrained strength, but that's what Chet is for.

She has the ability to regenerate from wounds in about half the time necessary, but this won't save her from a fatal wound or a wound which would bleed her to death in a short amount of time. However, it does keep her safe from all kinds of infections from wounds, and she has never to her knowledge been sick. She is largely resistant to manipulative psionics and magic, though not other kinds of magic or psionics, and though she has no psionic skill of her own to speak of besides very weak telepathy, she has the uncanny knack of knowing what her partner Chet is thinking. Whether this is from a low-level link between them, or simply from spending most of their lives together, is unknown.

Theme: My Chemical Romance, You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison


Kiyva's Story

Rated R for violence, strong language, and sexual innuendo

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

First Hatching


Quote borrowed from My Chemical Romance's You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison