"Maybe you don't bow before humans, but there's no harm in being nice to them."



Name: Sirneo'Mybl
Bond: Siral E-Oro
Bonded At: Geperna Hatching at the Healing Den
Homeworld: Mythicalae
Species: Geperna Old Blood
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Height: ?
Color: White-gold
Eyes: Bright blue
Father: Blakoreth
Mother: Myrah'Care
Personality: Though Sirneo'Mybl is the only Gepernan of her particular shade, knowledge of that fact doesn't make her arrogant-- that's Siral's job, as he is extremely proud of how rare and beautiful she is. As for Sirneo herself, it makes her a little uncomfortable, and she has been known to wish she were a little less rare and a little less beautiful, if just so people would stare at her less! It makes her exceptionally aware of how others react to her and her bond, as well as very empathic in general, so she is constantly reminding Siral of how he appears to others, good or bad. It certainly assures that she gets lots of practice in size-shifting, as the smaller she is, the less obvious she is! 

When not being stared at, however, and thus able to relax, Sirneo is a light-hearted dragoness. She's happy to play around in the air, showing the same love of flight as other white Geperna, and play around with her bond, who, despite the arrogance she is determined to train out of him, she still likes quite a bit. She doesn't know what she wants to be or do when she grows up, but she's content to wait to find out. 

Abilities: White Fyre variant; size-shifting


Hatchling Young Fledgling


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