"I am a prince of Ru-Urven, I do not bow before humans."



Name: Siral E-Oro
Bond: Sirneo'Mybl
Bonded At: Geperna Hatching at the Healing Den
Homeworld: Daeln
Species: Dajina
Age: 18 (adolescent)
Sex: Male
Height: 4'10"
Hair: White fading to dusty gold, curly and cut to just above his shoulders
Skin: Ivory and faintly opalescent
Eyes: Dark violet, cat-like pupils
Father: Desdani E-Oro
Mother: Asori E-Oro
Siblings: None
Description: Siral E-oro isn't your typical bonding candidate. In fact, he isn't even a human, or an elf, or a species either would recognize. He stands at just under five feet tall, digitrade with pale white feathering, feather-soft hair, obscuring parts of his toes and most of the silver sandles that shod them. His skin is a pearly ivory color, and is faintly opalescent, as if it catches the light and fractures it like a crystal, and his fine, curley hair is white, fading at the tips to a dusty antique gold, cut to just above his shoulders. A slim, semi-prehensile tail, usually held still or waving only gently, protrudes from his richly embroidered robes, ending with a tuft of hair the same, simple shade of white as his feathering. His face is curiously flat, with a very small, turned down nose; thin, blue-tinted lips; and pointed ears that droop down sideways from his head. The feminine cast of his face makes it very difficult to tell whether he is male or female. His dark violet eyes have slitted pupils, like a housecat's, and rising from his curls is a single slender, golden horn, the skin covering cartilage thin enough that the delicate blue veins running through it are clearly visible. He wears very fine clothing of rich fabrics in violets, reds, and stark black and white with jewels and metals not seen on the world he finds himself upon.
Personality: Having grown up the only son and heir of the high priest of Ru-Urven, the highest of his people's gods, Siral is understandably a bit spoiled. He is a part of the highest caste of his society, accustomed to luxury, servants, and his will not being questioned except by tutors, parents, and the occasional emperor, and he simply does not realize yet that this is not the way life will always work for him. The awakening will be rude, but will help him grow in the long run. Though he does have something of a temper, he is trying very hard to control it, and he is quick to apologize when it gets the better of him to someone his equal or his friend. Once he realizes that lesser castes and other species are every bit as intelligent and feeling as he is, the same will apply to them. So far, however, he has led a very sheltered life, knowing very little about even his own world, much less others, and he has had hardly any contact with anyone but those of his own rank and servants in the temple where he studies or his familial mansion, none of whom have disabused him of the vague notion that others are simply not worth thinking about. Even so, he has a basic decency that he is too young yet for politics and rank to stamp out, and a good heart and fervent devotion to his god.


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