"Come away with me...."


Name: Yula Rasha
Bonds: Shuu Kurenanshekusai, Mahiru Kurenanshekusai
Candidate At: The Sanctuary of the Sun and the Citadel of Shadows' Cooperative Event
Species: Vulpyr Fleshshifter, Lipus or hare type
Homeworld: Mythicalae
Age: Young adult
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5" human and anthro, 10" at the shoulder full hare
Hair: Gray-ticked brown, straight and worn short
Skin: Well-tanned
Eyes: Green-hazel
Family: Ahern Rasha, father; Bristel Rasha, younger brother
Residence: Currently Sanctuary of the Sun
Position: Minstrel
Description: Yula has three physical forms: fully human, fully animal, and an in-between anthropomorph form. Though she feels most comfortable in her in-between form, she usually wears her fully human form. Like this, her face and features are long-boned and strong, more handsome than beautiful but definitely attractive, and her body is rangy but not tall, well-curved but strong-boned. She wears her straight, gray-flecked brown hair fairly short, in a fashionable bobb that keeps it out of the way, and her eyes are a sharp green-hazel.
Personality: Yula is generally a determined individual-- or one might say stubborn-- when she has a goal in mind, nor is she easily turned away by fear or failure. However, she is not unreasonably stubborn, and maturity has been tempering her determination with a little more wisdom. She is easy to get along with, for the most part, and can be quite friendly if she likes you. Her imagination is vivid, as is her creativity, and her dream is to be a world-renowned bard-- though her courage when faced with a faceless crowd is still being tested! Having grown up in a very small village, big cities still unnerve her a little, though it is likely she'll get used to them with time. 



Up until her twenty-second year, Yula had a simple, ordinary sort of history. She lived in a very small village on Mythicalae, in a small area of cleared ground in the midst of a forest. She was the daughter of the miller and baker, Ahern, and considered the prettiest girl in the village. Men who traveled through to help with the harvest or planting often wound up spending time with her, and she tended to encourage their attention, not only because they were pleasurable, but because through them she could learn about the world and what it was like to be out in it. Her dream was to be a bard, but she didn't quite have the courage to leave her home and her family.

At least, not until she met a migrant worker who stayed in her father's house for nine months, then vanished the day after she asked him to let her come with him on his travels. With the help of a Rattai Fleshshifter named Tavarez, she tracked him down, and got a little more than what she'd expected. The worker, who she knew as Nightling, was not only far older than she'd thought, not even a Fleshshifter-- not even a native of the planet-- and he wasn't quite sane. Not in the traditional manner, at least.

Because she didn't want to be parted from Nightling, and because it was an adventure, when Tavarez took him to another world, she followed. He bonded there, and took on a couple jobs at the Sanctuary for as long as it took for little Lament to grow up. Yula stayed on, as well. Since then, she's lived at the Sanctuary of the Sun, learning new instruments and helping out at a bakery in the city, while Nightling avoids any form of intimacy when he is himself, seems uncomfortable with her even then, and refuses to talk about anything serious with her. On the whole, though she usually looks happy, she often isn't.

After her most recent adventure with Nightling-- now aware of his real name, Karthekeyan-- her feelings for him have receded to simple friendship, but she's still not as happy as she'd like to be. Though she has a source of inspiration for her music, she's still lonely. 

Abilities: Aside from the typical shape-shifting abilities Fleshshifters possess, chaning forms between human, anthropomorph, and full animal, Yula doesn't have much in the way of magic. She can create small illusions and sing to alter moods or take away pain, but that's is. Psionically, she is completely mundane. Her real talent lies in the simple but respected art of music and tale-spinning, as a bard.


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