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Name: Heysa E-Ano
Bond: Herur'Thvi
Bonded At: Geperna Hatching at the Healing Den
Homeworld: Daeln
Species: Dajina
Age: 29 (young adult)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Sepia brown, long to knees and very thick
Skin: Teal blue
Eyes: Light aqua green, cat-like pupils
Father: Kenalir E-Ano
Mother: Tokau O-Ano
Siblings: Romari E-Ano
Other: Servant to Siral E-Oro, Heir and prince-priest
Description: Though anyone not of her own culture might call her beautiful, among her own people and in her own mind Heysa is hardly an attractive woman. She is too tall, too rounded through the hips and thighs, with a tail too short and too thickly tufted, skin too dark a shade of blue and lips too full, masses of volumous, sepia-brown hair, and a face that is far too soft and far too expressive. Compared to the slender, icy beauties of her people, Heysa believes herself perfectly hideous. Still, handmaiden for the priest-prince of the Western Kingdom is best if not attractive enough to draw her charge's attention away from matters of the spiritual. As befitting her low caste, she wears few decorations on her three small horns and keeps her eyes, light aqua green and heavily lashed, away from the faces of others.
Personality: On the whole, Heysa is gentle and meek, as much from how she has been raised as any internal temperament. She is patient and quiet, often not speaking up even if she has cause to, and tends to work harder than she has to in an attempt to please whoever she happens to be working for. Whenever someone has done her wrong-- which is hardly uncommon, given her station in life-- she prefers to explain it away rather than place blame. Perversely, she is often inclined to blame herself for any lack or failing, suffering from an understandably low level of self-esteem-- understandable for those who are aware of how she fits into her own society, at least.

Ever since she was small enough to understand the caste system she was born into, Heysa has expected that she will be a servant all her life, so that is how she has decided to live: as the best servant she can possibly be. So far, that is exactly what has happened: she has lived through caring for others, and done it so well that she was offered as a birthday gift, of a sort, to the son of the High Priest of Ru-Urven. Serving the spoiled but still earnest young priest-prince has been a trial, especially since it puts her uncomfortably high in the ranks of palace servants and, even after three years, she has yet to get used to the deference.

Though she has never even considered the choice, given her freedom Heysa would probably end up working as a gardener. She has a deep love of nature, especially the slow, steady growth of plants. That fascination extends to matters of plants uses, as well, from cooking to healing, and the small magics she can do are all healing- and plant-oriented.


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