"Goodness does not have to be loud, friendly, or talkative to still be good."



Name: Zkikiyui Ghksten
Bond: ?
Sponsor: Rasil Na'carrah
From: The Abstract Destiny, Biosynth 14
Homeworld: Avengaea
Residence: Star City Station
Species: Gyujtoan Caetran (Supernal biopool elements)
Age: Adult
Sex: Neuter
Height: 11'5" at the shoulder (1'7" as a hatchling)
Color: Red
Eyes: Blue
Cyborware: Moderate (hatchling token); moderate (adult token) 
Synth Parents: Foretyos Ghksten; Israfil Armaita (Biopool elements)
Position: Studying to be a lawyer
Personality: Zkikiyui is something like an asocial but well-behaved teenager, and it was like this from the moment it hatched, and probably will be like this until the moment it dies. It's not particularly affectionate nor does it enjoy social activities, but it is polite and proper on the rare occasions it opens its mouth to speak, and it still will go out of its way to help an old woman down the stairs or assist a small child in getting her pet out of a tree. It desires to do good without having to be recognized for it, but it doesn't want to take anyone in particular under its wing and wants to be able to go home and be left alone once the good deeds for the day have been done. It neither likes nor dislikes its housemate and guardian-- not that it really sees Rasil as a guardian, feeling itself to be quite able to look after itself-- though it can see his enthusiasm and cheer a bit draining. It quite content to do chores, earn its keep, and share the apartment, but nothing more. 
Abilities: Asexual Reproduction. Fire Immunity. Functional Magic. Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation). Shapeshifting (Caetran-Human Spectrum). Verbal Speech.


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