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Name: Mossei
Bond: Jal Carskadon
Bonded At: Star City Dragonry
Species: Half Danachian, one quarter Hathian, one quarter Avengaean Fire dragon
Age: Hatchling
Sex: Male
Height: 2'7" at hatching, will be 16' full grown
Color:  White with gold wings
Fur: Green with gold tips
Eyes: Gray
Family:  Danachian trio-wing Raug green Undomissath and Wyld Neinau Selamputo
Personality: Creative, innovative, curious, and mischievous, Mossei's favorite passtimes include sneaking around, spying on people, stealing-- and once in a while even giving the goods back-- and flying. He has a knack for all four, and would probably be a world-class spy or scout given the opportunity, despite his lack of magical ability. He is extremely clever, in an impatient, excitable sort of way, and loves prowling the dirtier parts of the station, even if he doesn't have to. His greatest hope is to eventually be able to afford some kind of technology or magic to make himself invisible. His chosen bond, Jal, is important to him, of course, but in more of a brotherly sort of way than as a bond; Jal is someone to play tricks with and get into trouble with, not someone to be particularly affectionate with or anything like that. Mossei isn't a particularly affectionate character, anyway, but that suits Jal well enough. 





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