"None of the others are smart enough for you."



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Name: Purpura Cerex (meaning "purple dye")
Bond: Deborah Ann Falken; Ha; co-bond Houseki
Bonded At: Avengaea
Homeworld: Avengaea
Species: Avengaean Earth Dragon
Age: 26 (about the equivalent of 9)
Sex: Male
Height: 3'11" (will be 24'3" full grown)
Fur: Dusty brown
Jewels: Dark blue-green
Eyes: Bright purple
Mother: Adova Cerex
Father: Deverin Riele
Siblings: None
Residence: Star City, the richer levels
Description: Though one might expect an Earth dragon to be big and bulky, Purpura, though big compared to other Avengaean dragon breeds, is small and oddly slender for his own breed. He is not quite delicate, but he is certainly not powerfully built: rather, he is well-proportioned for a runner, with long limbs and wiry muscle under his short, tightly-curled, dusty-brown pelt and slightly darker brown belly plating. He doesn't even have the baby-fat such a young dragon would be expected to show. His wings are a dark, blue-green shade, as are the few jewel-stones he already has, finned in a deep, warm gold. Most obvious about him, and most startling, are his eyes, which are, as his name suggests, purple-- not just purple, but a bright, almost neon shade. Somehow, though, he manages to look inscrutable much of the time, though he also is skilled with bored, superior, charismatic, and amused. 
Personality: First and foremost: Purpura is intelligent, he is learned, and he is proud of it. He's a mine of what seems like random information he's collected over the comparatively short years of his life, though if he ever found cause to lay everything he knows out for display, patterns would be seen. For example, he particularly likes collecting tidbits about odd cultural practices and traits-- and enjoys startling people with them even more. He has a wicked sense of humor, though he tends to employ it in odd ways, and mostly just to himself, though Deborah can't help but get his personal, quirky jokes, now, too. For all that, though, Purpura is not very good in school. Classroom education bores him so that, no matter that he memorizes the information and understands the theory being taught, he always manages to do poorly on tests, never turn in assigned papers. Most often he is just pegged as lazy, which he can be, and stupid, which he most certainly is not. On the whole, he doesn't like teachers, and that dislike has the potential to spread to other authority figures if he isn't careful. 

Perhaps paradoxically, Purpura also enjoys sports, particularly sports requiring a lot of movement and effort. He has excellent aim and boundless energy when he cares to use it, though he has a somewhat annoying tendency to hit whatever ball or target involved in play a little too hard, and an even more annoying tendency to hog the field, making him often the last chosen for teams despite his prowess at most sports. 

In summary, then, Purpura is smart yet a jock, laid back yet clever, quiet yet loving the spotlight, and, if one couldn't already tell, particularly fond of enacting contradictions, whether they're actually part of his personality or not! He has lots of friends, but only a few of them can really say they know him. 


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Purpura ran in the Fur and Feathers Frenzy!

Purpura caught Desene-- and was pollinated by Novitas! Poor, poor Purpura.



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