Samanayr: Song of the Wind in the Trees


Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings: Origin of the Samanayr

City of Shar

Name Image Personality Species and Family
Sigh of the Windblown Leaves

Lead Stallion, 9" tall

A quiet samanayr, Sigh isn't exactly what one would expect out of a Song leader. He's not very assertive, outgoing, or even good at mediating conflict. He leaves the running of his Song mostly up to his lead mare-- though thankfully, neither of his mares are particularly difficult to deal with.  Arboreal Samanayr



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Name Image Personality Species and Family
Temptation of the Distant Sky

Lead Mare, 8" tall

Though she is just as quiet and introverted as her stallion, Temptation is much more organized and less of a dreamer. She isn't exactly practical, but she's definitely the best person to talk to if you enter the Song's territory. On the whole, she is more of an explorer than anything else, and it is only her love of Sigh and Climber which keeps her coming back to her Song's territory.  Arboreal Samanayr



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Name Image Personality Species and Family
Climber of the Highest Branches

Lead Mare, 7" tall

Compared to the other to sams in her Song, Climber is a wild party animal. She's social and friendly, if a bit scatter-brained, and very adventurous, in a child-like fashion. Everything is a game to her, and often a competitive one, at that-- though she has a hard time getting her Song-mates to play!  Arboreal Samanayr





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