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Name: Autaru Selamputo
Pack Leader: Ranshee
From: The Wyld Hunts on Mythicalae
Homeworld: Mythicalae
Species: Wyld: Half Avengaean Fire, half ?
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 12'7" at the shoulder, 25'4" long (Medium)
Color: Bronze-white Fire
Parents: Ny'raan, mother, and Aunes Selamputo, father
Abilities: Half-shifting, Morpheokinesis (2), Healing Majyck (9)
Personality: Autaru's not the bravest, strongest, or most powerful dragon-- but he is a healer, and that's something not every dragon can claim to be. Although healing is his strongest point, he does have a limited ability to manipulate and enter the dreams of others. How this will be used will be up to Ranshee; he won't use any abilities without her approval and will look to her as not only the pack leader but as a mother that he'd never had. Ever the mama's boy, he will wait at Ranshee's beck and call, trying to earn her attention in any way he can. Ranshee finds this annoying and it makes her uncomfortable to be looked up to so, but even when she chases him off, he always comes back for more. Even if she's a little abusive or gruff with him about his clingy nature, he just seems to appreciate the fact that she acknowledges his existence. The only thing that seems to be able to get under his fur to irritate him is Maraelth-- and that is closer to jealousy than actual irritation-- and he's careful to keep it under control. 
Pack Rank:  Delta male, common pack member
Pack Mates: Evraia, Kyverh, Azeron, Broken Rage, Jauoteth, Maraelth, Oudina, Empty Sky's Rage


Vandila'an Hunt - Glosch Hunt - Slithern Hunt

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