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Travel between worlds in CacophenyAngel's stories for her bonding candidates and other characters. You might find a world you want to explore, you might find a person you want to know better, you might fall in love with a tale.

Be welcome, whatever you find.


This site has a PG rating over-all, with a few characters slipping into R rating for language or violence.



11/25/07 - Bunch more up for Cacopheny (Aven)-- am having too much fun with him X3 A few up for the Netahiln/Habithi/ group (SCD). Jaeding (Others) has a new tagalong, as do Netahiln and Natron (SCD), and Ontellonji and Alaina (Avengaea, linked from Frux). Gayther and Marelyn (Others) have sponsored. 

09/29/07 - Bunch of storiness up for Zabeth's group (Others), along with adult images for Kolora, Aries, and Mahaleth. Randomly, Sashna'kyanar (Kartyn) has bonded. Frux (Aven) has a sponsor, his daughter Ooleha (and he still wonders what the hell her mother was on, naming her that X3 ). One chapter up for Kae-Ryss and Rusaleon (Others, Proquess), three up for Netahiln and Natron (SCD), a few up for the werewolves and yauties (Kynn), and many up for Cacopheny (Aven)! 

08/26/07 - The goprins' story (Other) is done and sent in. And they have pictures! =D Thank you, Xalia! Frux (Aven) has a chapter and is off to sponsor at the BWR agency and then the Destiny. July and Zabeth (Others) have sponsored at their own clutches. Story coming soonish, hopefully! New char in Others, Jaeding Jagtani, with her first "acquisition" Naedyn Kaal. 

08/25/07 - Several story-chapters up for Kae-Ryss (Others, Proquess), who bonded at the Destiny! Check out her way cool bond : ) Another chapter up for Cacopheny (Aven). Sponsor up for Pallor (Others). Gayther and Marelyn, two goprin characters, are up in Others, along with much story. Still missing the first chapter, but hey, it's almost done! : ) They're off to stand at the Destiny. 

08/13/07 - Many many Cacopheny chapters (Aven) up! =D Start with 97, I added stuff to the end of that one. Whole new part started, too, yay! Two chapters up for Netahiln (SCD). One for Wisumoth (Others, Zabeth). Adult image up for Kae-Ryss's sponsorling. 

08/02/07 - Zabeth and July (Others) have storiness and are sponsoring at their own clutches. Woot ^^ Kjolir and Janinir (Kynn) have rune brands!

07/28/07 - Lots of storiness for the below-mentioned fireling (SCD, Netahiln) : ) And also adult images! Soooooo pretty o.o Another chapter up for the werewolves and yauties (Kynn). A chapter up for the Four Seasons Dynce of Wynds (Sythyn, anory) leading to the sprouting of a plant dragon vine and a chapter of storiness that... isn't linked anywhere, eheh >.> Here, have a link here. Kae-Ryss (Others, Proquess) has sponsored. We'll see if I manage to get storiness up before the due date, there >.>





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