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Name: Unamarel ve Jodar
From: Monthly Dragon Exchange, drawn by Silver Midnight at the Ring of Fire
Candidate At: ?
Species: Half Strokven, half Dysiniu
Homeworld: Kien-Valminar, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Young adult
Sex: Female
Height: 7'8" at the shoulder, 9'5" at the head; 5'4" human form
Color: Rune-marked red, red-gold plating
Hair: Dark auburn with silver streaks
Skin: Well-tanned
Eyes: Wraith gold
Family: Kahane Jodar, Dysiniu mother; Recir Hoiset, Strokven father, did not take his name
Residence: Mountains of Kien-Valminar
Position: Mage and shamaness
Description: Though she is a small dragon, Unamarel is a striking one, in more ways than one. She is a rich red in color, swirled with silver markings down her spine and on her extremities, with an only slightly less vivid shade on her wings and the fins of her ears and tail. Light armor plating in warm red-gold runs down her belly and over the top of her legs, and gold spikes trail from crown to shoulders. Her body is strong and sleek, and her eyes are a brilliant gold. Despite all that, however, she walks with her head low and wings held close, tightly folded, as if self-conscious. When opened, at least one source of her anxiety is obvious: the membranes of her wings are terribly torn, heavy with scar tissue, rent in such a way that strips are missing and it would have been impossible to heal them completely.

In human form, Unamarel is slender and generally pretty, though not one the truly beautiful people would look twice at. She is well-tanned with dark auburn-red hair, almost the red of her dragon form, worn long but often tied back in a simple ponytail. Her hair is streaked twice with silver, once at either temple, a stress-related but permanent color change. She still has her golden eyes, slightly over-sized in her long face. As Kien dragons do not shift completely, she retains her finned ears and the plating on her arms and legs.

Personality: Unamarel is a very self-controlled and wary soul, at first glance. She has had to be, living life as a half-blood of two generally antagonistic Kien breeds, the Dysiniu and the Strokven. As a child, any sign of anger on her part was immediately thought to be a sign of her absent father's nature emerging and was treated with harsh disapproval, so she learned not to show anger. Any sign of fear only encouraged the child-bullies and taunters in their teasing, so she learned not to show fear. Sadness was considered by many to be inappropriate for someone lucky enough to even have a home, so she learned not to show sadness. By then, she was in the habit of hiding her emotions, so happiness was kept quiet, as well.

Even with such conditioning, Unamarel was never a particularly expressive child, being gentle and quiet at heart, with a thread of strength that keeps her going. Her generally realistic outlook combined with her oddly isolated life as a child has made her slow to open up: though she has always craved friendship, she has never really had a friend and is almost afraid to try. Though her nature is spontaneous, she's learned to think things through before she does or says them in most situations; in particularly emotional situations, or when she lets down her guard, she is much less likely to stick with a plan and act on impulse. Perhaps unsurpsingly, there is something restless in her, prodding her to travel, unable to feel completely at home anywhere and unhappy when unable to stay in one place for very long.

History: Unamarel's mother loved her. No matter what else she had to deal with in her past, she has always known that: her mother, Kahane Jodar, always loved her, sheltered her, and was proud of her. The rest of the Dysiniu community she grew up in, however, was not so accepting; for her entire childhood, she was mistrusted, picked on by other children, and always treated like an outsider-- worse, like an outsider who might suddenly turn into a rabid dog and attack without warning. She never had anyone one could call a true friend, just her mother and the occasional teachings from the village's shamaness, who took pity on her now and again.

As she got nearer to adulthood, Unamarel started wondering about father. Her mother always told her he was dead, but refused to say why, how, or who killed him. In an attempt to find out what happened, she tried summoning his spirit, but couldn't, proving him either a far more powerful spirit than she'd expect for a simple Kien dragon, or alive. After a fight with her mother, started when she demanded to know where her father was but Kahane refused, she left home to try to find him and meet him, hoping that maybe his people, the Strokven, would be more accepting of a half-breed than the Dysiniu.

Upon approaching the capitol of Kien-Valminar-- the only place she could think of to start looking, given that her father was obviously a Strokven-- she first tried asking guards at the city gates about her father. She didn't have much to go on, and the guards weren't very friendly. Finally, after a lot of persistence and begging, she learned learns he was alive, a warrior for the queen, but they point-blank refused to let her into the city to find him. Determined, she snuck in via shadow-magic and the spirit-realm and searched the city for a scent, or a name, or a face.

When she finally found him, more with luck than anything else, her reception was not what she'd hoped for, or even imagined in her worst expectations. Instead of welcoming her, or even just telling her he wanted nothing to do with her, Recir Hoiset actually chased her out of his house, raising an alarm that summoned the local law enforcement. They kicked her bodily out of the city-- but not before beating her bloody and tearing her wings to shreds. Small and untutored as she was, Unamarel didn't stand a chance.

She might have died there, if she had no been found, near to death, by a Mountain Kien after she crawled away from the city and a short ways into the mountains, half out of shame to hide and half out of a slowly smoldering anger for the heartless Strokven inside the city. The Kien, named Darrelin Morath, took her in, helped her heal, kept her fed and warm as winter sets in, and either patiently listened to her say whatever came to mind or shared comfortable silence with her. For the first time, Unamarel had someone her own age who didn't look down on her or avoid her. When she wanted to leave-- a time which didn't happen until a year later-- he followed her, without so much as saying why, but she was glad of it.

Unamarel's first destination after healing was back to the village where she grew up, with Darrelin for support, to confront mother. She finally got the real story: Kahane thought Recir was in love, and he might have thought so, too, but when he learned there would be a child, he abandoned her out of shame and embarrassment. Unable to call that village "home", especially not now that she was so obviously scarred, Unamarel bid her mother good-bye and returned with Darrelin to the mountains, the only place she's ever actually been respected for herself. She still occasionally leaves to explore or wander, always with Darrelin for company, out of restlessness, but always comes "home" to the mountains.

Abilities: As a Kien dragon, Unamarel cane shape-shift into a mostly-human form. She practices atrumancy-- shadow-magic-- spirit-speaking and summoning, and some healing. She cannot fly, due to the fact that her wing sails are torn.
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