"And we all fall down...."



Name: Muerto
Candidate At: ?
Species: Dysiniu
Homeworld: Fantasa and Kien-Valminar, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 7'1" at the shoulder
Color: Black with silver
Eyes: Red
Family: Deceased
Residence: Pre'Mian
Position: Assassin
Description: A Dysiniu like Muerto is a rare, rare thing: not graceful and svelt, not beautiful and proud-- but skeletal, ragged, and even ugly. He retains a Dysiniu's coloration, even the swirling markings of silver, but his once-gold eyes are deep red and the beauty of the black and silver contrasts sharply with his rather sinister appearance. His wings are ragged, his skin tight to his bones, and both the tip of his tail and his left front leg are missing, severed long ago. He might come across as pitiful, except for the sick smile, the dark chuckle, and the way his eyes follow others when they move, like a predator watching its prey. Even his shape-shifted form, a dark-skinned humanoid with outward-pointed ears and shadowy wings, is emaciated and malicious-seeming. 

Muerto wasn't born the way he is now, and has since made the effort to learn illusion-magic in order to improve his appearance to those who might otherwise mistrust him just from the way he looks. He can, when he has need to, appear fully whole and natural for a Dysiniu, though something, perhaps a hint of twisted vanity, keeps his eyes red. He even has a rather charming smile when hiding behind an illusion. Anyone who casts a true-seeing or dispel magic on him will immediately see him for what he really is, however. 

Personality: Muerto is like a combination between a predator of the worst kind and a thrill seeker, twisting into someone who will take the most thrilling, messy, dangerous, and depraved of kills, and then go to a club afterwards, sometimes still bloody, in search of the next job-- or a random death, usually preceded by a seduction. He is a bad, bad dragon, he knows it, and he seems to prefer it that way. Mention honor or decency to him, and he spits; mention responsibility or compassion, and he laughs. When he's in a bad mood, someone dies; when he's in a good mood, he's almost as dangerous: he has a manic energy that he tends to spend on tormenting for his own benefit, whether out of enjoyment or something else. There is rarely a moment he isn't doing something-- or looking for something to do. He barely sleeps, never holds still, and has a notoriously wandering eye: even though he might be paying attention to someone speaking to him-- not that many do, unless they're offering to pay him for something they want done-- he is constantly looking elsewhere, as if bored already. 
History: A fallen Dysiniu is one which has turned his back on the honor and stewardship of his people, who has been denounced, who is cast out of his family and clan. They slowly turn into a mere shadow, physically, of who they once were. Some seek power, some seek pleasure, but none of them seek the balance they were meant to help preserve and the responsibility they were created for. 

Fallen Dysiniu are rare, but are universally reviled by their more respectable kin. Still, few of them are as bad as Muerto. Muerto was never interested in power or pleasure, really; he started on the path out of revenge-- and that's all he will say on the matter. However, after wreaking his unknown revenge and being cast out of his family, village, and even clan, he decided to revel in his newly fallen nature. Hence, his current occupation... and everything else about him. 

Abilities: Spirit magic (strong), mild illusions, spirit-walking, dream-walking, invisibility and intangibility, psionics: telepathic suite, verbal speech and flight 
Theme: My Chemical Romance - I never told you what I do for a living


Down We Go: Muerto's Story



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