"Is the dream of waking, or the waking the dream?"



Birth Name: Karthekeyan ve Navaser of the line of Saralonde
Known Name: Vagrant, or Nightling, depending on his mood and the circumstances
Bond: Lament
Bonded At: Sanctuary of the Sun
Species: Draclin'geyar
Homeworld: Tselene, though he doesn't know that
Age: Adult, true age unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 5'6" human formed, 2'3" at the shoulder dragon-formed
Hair: Black with violet highlights, thick and long and worn in dredlocks
Skin: Sun-bronzed
Eyes: Wine red
Family: None
Residence: Mythicalae, but nowhere in particular there; currently staying at the Sanctuary of the Sun
Position: Whatever he can get, usually simple, manual labor
Description: During the autumn, winter, and spring seasons, the worker-for-hire who calls himself Vagrant and Nightling by turns seems a simple mixed-heritage humanoid: bronzed by years in the sun, a little rough around the edges with work and the occasional lean times, with over-large, wine-red eyes and outward-pointed ears beneath a messy but clean tangle of black dredlocks. His build is small and slim, with delicate bones, but his body is muscled as one who is frequently put to lifting, carrying, plowing, and other manual chores. Any clothing he wears is a gift or a repayment for services, and usually mismatched. His current collection isn't too shabby, at least, and the boots fit him right. Dressed and cleaned properly, he could easily be quite handsome.

During the summer, very few actually see him, because he avoids anything resembling civilization, running in dragon-form with the wild, non-sentient animals, like a wild thing, himself. He is small, not even two and a half feet tall at the shoulder, and even more light-boned, with a thin pelt of black and violet fur patterned with gray spider webs, and the same wine-red eyes as his human form.

Personality: Vagrant, or Nightling as he sometimes calls himself, is generally quiet and unobtrusive, submissive and unfailingly polite, and ready with a shy smile when the occasion warrants it. However, he comes across as a bit dazed most of the time, as if he isn't quite sure that what he sees and feels is real, and is oddly prone to forgetting what he's doing in the middle of a task, responding oddly to questions as to why he's stopped, and wandering away. During those little "fits", he's been known to act like someone else entirely, refuse to answer to his own self-given names, and not know who people around him are. He always comes back later, once again himself and apologizing profusely, to work twice as hard to try and make up for the lapse.

He is hard to get to know, in part because of his odd changes of mood and instances of forgetting, but also because of his almost wild-animal shyness and servile attitude which often makes people uncomfortable. Every now and then someone will start to draw him out of his largely self-imposed shell, but before they can get far enough to learn much about him, spring starts ripening into summer, and he flees again. No one has yet gotten close enough to put much effort into following him.

Personally, Vagrant himself isn't sure what he's like. He can't even decide on his own name, for as far as he can remember, he doesn't have one in Mythicalae. He knows of things he likes: working with clay, for example, or resting in the sun on a spring day, or listening to thunder on a rainy day, or story-telling, or listening to someone read aloud, though he doesn't know how to read, himself. And he knows things he dislikes: crowds, or cutting wood, or strong older women, or small spaces, or, though not many people know this, as he rarely has a chance to eat them, sweets. However, he feels like that doesn't tell him much about... himself. He has a strong imagination, sometimes too strong, and he feels more comfortable in silence than chattering, but that doesn't seem to tell him much, either. Everything he feels would be important about himself, he doesn't know, because he doesn't know where he came from.



For as long as he can remember, Vagrant has been wandering from village to village across the great continents of Mythicalae. He arrives in early autumn in one village, or picks up with one caravan, or takes up with one isolated farm, works there through the winter, and then leaves again in late spring. Rarely does he leave behind people who remember much about him except that he's a good boy-- a bit odd, but he means well-- and never has he left behind anyone who he thinks would consider him a friend. During the summer he runs with wild animals in dragon-form, a season he calls his annual madness, and avoids contact with sentient species at all costs, as shy and skittish as a wild animal, himself. He doesn't even remember when his annual cycle started; it all just blurs into one endless round, though if ever reunited with people he knew even years ago, he would have no trouble remembering who they are and where he knew them from.

Vagrant has one major problem, though, even when he isn't mad, even beyond his lack of a past: whenever he falls asleep-- which he does with almost frightening frequency, at odd times and in the middle of whatever he's doing-- his dreams are consistent in setting and character, if strange, and very, very real. Others claim he walks, talks, and does things while he's asleep, but he doesn't ever remember them, and that isn't even the most disturbing thing. Worse, he isn't ever sure whether Mythicalae is his real life and the dreams are just that, dreams... or if the "dreams" are in fact reality, and he merely dreams his aimless wander from village to village every year. He has no idea how to find out, either, so he just continues to live as he has been living, suspended, he feels, between two worlds.

Abilities: All draclin can shape-shift from human to dragon form, though Vagrant-Nightling very rarely shifts into his dragon form except during the summer. He can practice rudimentary atrumancy, or shadow-magic, though he would probably be better at it with teaching. He can spirit-walk, or teleport using the Fantasan spirit realm as an intermediary realm, and has very rudimentary psionic abilities: mainly telepathy and empathy. 

More mundanely, Vagrant has been taught the rudiments of many different skills. Pottery is his favorite, but he can track moderately well, shoot a bow with fair aim, handle a forge bellows to keep a steady temperature, play a number of instruments competently, care for various kinds of animals, spin threads of various thickness, and even weave a little, though his results are usually not very attractive. He's never been taught to fight, however, nor does he particularly care to learn.


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